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Information & Homework May 18th-22nd

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping well. All of the teachers have set out a menu of work for the coming week. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting the relevant teacher. The volume of work that is submitted to us is a great signal of the tremendous work that you are putting in with your child, despite the numerous challenges that families face presently. We hope that you can keep this going for the coming weeks.

Teachers are able to access the building this week and this will enable us to prepare work from now until the end of the year for your children. Teachers will then be in a position to give out books, change readers, hand out photocopies etc. All parents can come to the school if they so wish on Monday the 25th of May. We will make a timetable for the various class groupings and will ensure that parents can collect all their children’s books at one time. There will be further information given out on this on Thursday/Friday of this week. We will make every effort to accommodate everybody and ensure that this process follows all social distancing and HSE guidelines.

Below I have also put up a short note for the parents of 6th class pupils with regard to the completion of the Relationship and Sexuality Programme for all the pupils in the class.

Finally a special word to both our Communion and Confirmation classes. Both may have been a little disappointed that they missed out on their big day over the last week. It will take place in the future and will be an even more special event when it does. Have a good week everybody!

Week 8 Mr Byrne May 18th – 22nd ’20

RSE Letter

Ms Quinn’s class work week 8

Wk 8 4th Class – Ms Swinburne

Wk 8 3rd Class -Ms Swinburne

Week 8 Ms Campbell

Homework 18 May Ms Galligan

Senior Infants Homework 18 May

Homework May 18 Junior Infants


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