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Swimming Gala team 2017

Congratulations to our Swimming Gala team who performed fantastically well in the Cavan Schools Swim Gala competition in Cavan Leisure Centre last week.  A special word of congratulations to Nathan Reilly who won the final of the Front Crawl.

December Newsletter 2017

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter December 2017

Sacramental Classes: Our Communion and Confirmation Classes are involved in our annual Giving Mass this Saturday night in Muff Church at 7:30. Students are asked to bring in non–perishable goods for donation to the St Vincent de Paul. Parents should also have received a note from Fr. Gerry through the school with a list of the remaining Masses that are especially for the sacramental classes.

Parents Association: The Christmas cards should all have been distributed to families who ordered them through the P.A. Many thanks to all those who supported the initiative. Also thanks to the active members of the committee who go to such trouble to organise these events.

Sport: The last month has been a tremendous one from a sporting point of view in the school. The boy’s football team were very unlucky in losing out in extra time in the county semi–final to the eventual winners of the competition. We had a team of thirty athletes participate in the County Cross Country Championships. We had some excellent performances with the highlight being Joey Murray Duignan just missing out on a medal in the Junior Competition.

We had two teams participate in a Tag Rugby Blitz in Virginia where one of our two teams remained undefeated. The girls and boys of 5th and 6th took part.

Ms. McNally and Gillian brought 3rd and 4th Class boys to the County Futsal Competition, where the boys won their group. The annual Swimming Gala takes place in Cavan today, and we wish all our competitors well.

Christmas Events: Last week the whole school attended the pantomime “Dick Whittington” in the school hall, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The 5th and 6th Class will be putting on their annual Christmas play, which both the rest of the pupils and the parents from 5th and 6th will get to enjoy this play during the last week before Christmas. The school is also preparing for a special visitor on the last day organised by the Parents Association.

Board of Management:  The Board meets this week. All reports from these meetings are available on the school website,

Code of Behaviour: This important document is reviewed annually. Parents can access the document both from the office or online.

Green School Committee: Ms.McNally has the new committee up and running as they work towards our next Green Flag in the area of water conservation. This is a two year project but they have already begun a number of initiatives in the school.

New Language Curriculum: The Staff completed their latest training day on the new language curriculum.  The day focused on reading and writing.  We will begin to implement this in the Junior Classes over the coming months.


Young Scientist Exhibition: Aimee Reilly, a second-year student in Colaiste Dun an Rí, and a past pupil of Laragh 2 Muff NS,  is preparing a young scientist project on the theme of the use and driving habits of those negotiating the roundabouts in Kingscourt. Her research shows that one-third of people use roundabouts incorrectly. She has started an awareness campaign on the correct use of indicators at roundabouts. For more information about this project and how to use a roundabout correctly please visit We wish her the best of luck with her project.

School Calendar: Below is a calendar for the coming year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change:

Christmas Holidays – Finish 12:30 Friday December 22nd. Reopen Monday January 8th 2018

February Mid-Term – Closed Thursday February 15th & Friday February 16th 2018

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th. Reopen Monday April 9th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.


November Newsletter 2017

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter November 2017

Sacramental Classes: There is Mass for Sacramental Classes this Saturday November 11th 7:30 in Muff Church. This will be a special Remembrance Mass. The next Mass for our Communion and Confirmation pupils will take place Saturday December 9th and will be our annual Giving Mass.

Parents Association Cake Sale/Raffle: The P.A. is holding a cake sale this Saturday night in the school hall directly after the Mass mentioned above. There will also be a raffle held on the evening with a number of prizes including a hamper and a tablet. The school will be open from about 6:30pm for cakes/buns etc. to be dropped off. If you are available to help out at the cake sale, please contact Gillian in the office.  Your support is very much appreciated.

Christmas Cards designed by the children are available to order through the school if you so wish with proceeds again going to the Association. Orders and money must be returned by Monday November 13th.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee for all its hard work this year as they perform a hugely important service for the school.

New Language Curriculum: Our staff recently attended a training day on the new language curriculum. We will be engaging in it further in the Junior classes over the coming months. Information on it is available on line on the NCCA website.

Parent Teacher Meetings: Our annual Parent Teacher Meetings take place on Monday and Tuesday the 20th and 21st of November. They will begin each evening at 3:00 p.m. School will finish at 2:45pm each day to facilitate this. Parents will receive notice of their exact day and time at the beginning of next week. We would ask you to try and facilitate these times as best you can. Further information will be sent out with these notes.

School Parking: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have adopted our new policy at the gate at three o’ clock. It has improved matters significantly even though it does inconvenience people somewhat. Your continued cooperation is hugely appreciated.

Sports: This month is an incredibly busy month for the school in terms of sport. Our boys are in a semi final today against Mullahoran in Cavan and we wish them all the best. Brendan McCormack is now doing training with Ms. Campbell’s room.

Our 5th and 6th class boys and girls are taking part in a tag rugby blitz on Friday November 24th in Virginia Rugby Club.

Our cross-country team is heading to Kilinkere to participate in the County Championships next Wednesday November 15th.

Finally 4th class boys are taking part in the Futsal Competition in Cavan Astro Park on Wednesday November 22nd.

We wish them all the best in their efforts.

Drama: The school has organised a Drama Company “West Midland Children’s Theatre” to run a production of “Dick Whittington” on Monday November 27th.  The drama will take place in the school hall and the school will cover the cost involved.

Literacy Lift Off: Our Literacy Lift Off initiative will be finishing off this week in 1st class.  This evidence based approach to literacy will have greatly benefited the pupils involved.

Folens Christmas Annuals: Order forms for Folens annuals have been sent home with your child today.  The cost of the annual is €4.  The order date for these annuals IF REQUIRED is Monday November 20th.

School Calendar: Below is a calendar for the coming year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change:

Christmas Holidays – Finish Friday December 22nd. Reopen Monday January 8th 2018                February Mid-Term – Closed Thursday February 15th & Friday February 16th 2018                            St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th. Reopen Monday April 9th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.


Goal Jersey Day 2017

Well done to all who participated in the GOAL Jersey Day in October.  A grand total of €272.00 was raised for this worthy cause. More photos of this day can be seen in the Gallery.


Competition Winners


Congratulations to Alana Gogarty and Aoibheann McCabe who were prize winners in the Credit Union Art Competition.


Newsletter October 2017

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter October 2017

Sacramental Classes: The next Mass for our Sacramental Classes will take place on Saturday November 11th at 7:30 in Muff Church.

Teacher Training: The school will be closed on Tuesday, October 24th. This is to facilitate teacher training in the new Language Curriculum which will be examining reading and writing in English and Irish.

Maths Week: This takes place from October 16th – 20th. The school will be running a number of fun activities for the children in relation to maths. The emphasis during the week is always on mental maths and problem solving – two of the most critical components of the subject.

Code of Behaviour/Attendance: These policies are under review currently and are available to read on the school website.

Literacy Lift Off: This intensive literary course for pupils is continuing in 1st Class until Halloween.

GOAL Jersey Day: This takes place this Friday. Children donate €2, and can wear in their sports jersey or a sporty looking t-shirt.  All proceeds go to the charity.

School Insurance: The school has sent off the forms to cover all those pupils who chose to ensure their children under the Allianz Scheme. It should be noted that pupils are not automatically insured should they have an accident in school. This is why we recommend that you take out insurance on your children.

Sport: The boys have won their first two matches and are progressing well in their tournament. The girls are continuing to train each Tuesday after school. Brendan is doing GAA with the 3rd and 4th Class at present.

We are also receiving some coaching in Tag Rugby for 3rd to 6th Class. This is provided by Ulster Rugby.

We have just completed the Cross Country Trials for the Cavan Championships. These take place on Wednesday October 18th in Killinkere.

3rd and 4th Class will be participating in a Futsal Tournament in November.

School Website: Our web address is It is well worth a view for school events, policies and work done by the pupils.

School Calendar: Please find below a calendar of the school year ahead. Please note that some of these dates may be subject to change.

Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 30th to Friday November 3rd inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Friday December 22nd. Reopen Monday January 8th 2018                                                February Mid Term – Closed Thursday February 15th & Friday February 16th 2018

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th. Reopen Monday April 9th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.

Laragh 2 (Muff) N.S. Newsletter October 2017

Parking: Over the last number of years the Board has taken a number of steps to try and alleviate the situation with regard to car parking. All families have signed up to the traffic policy that we introduced in conjunction with all the major stakeholders including the Gardaí and the County Council. The Board also purchased land to try and develop an extended car park. We applied for funding from the Department but have been unsuccessful thus far in obtaining these funds. The cost to develop these lands would be very significant. We are in touch with the council to try and see what other measures we may be able to implement to improve the situation.

The simple fact is that the road and car park are unable to accommodate the increased traffic which rising school numbers have caused. The priority of all involved is the safety of pupils arriving at and leaving the school. Having examined ways of ensuring this, it has been decided, again in conjunction with the relevant authorities and best practice from an insurance point of view is that a number of changes be made to our policy:

  • The main change is that at 3 o’ clock all teachers will walk their classes down to the school gate. The pupils will not be released until the adult that is picking up the child meets them at the school gate. The adult will then walk with the pupil(s) back to the car. This is what currently happens at 2 o’ clock. While this may inconvenience some it is being done to ensure that all pupils are escorted in a safe fashion back to their car.
  • No pupil should walk on the grassy bank down by the side of the road as this is extremely dangerous with the bank being uneven and a 15 foot drop to a river on one side.
  • No cars should ever park in front of or directly opposite the school gate at any time – morning or evening. This tends to happen more in the morning and has caused obstructions to vehicles and danger for pedestrians on numerous occasions.
  • All relevant adults who are involved in dropping off/ picking up adults should be aware of our car parking policy.

The most important component of safety at the school gate is driver behaviour. I would have to commend the vast majority of drivers who take such care in a hazardous environment. We will continue to speak to the children about their responsibilities but as we are all aware, sometimes children can make simple mistakes – hence the changes above.

The Board will continue to push for a long term solution and the Parents Association have offered their full support in trying to achieve this goal.


Newsletter September 2017

Muff N.S. 2017/18

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope that you had an enjoyable summer as we look forward to another school year. Over the coming days, we would ask you to ensure that the children get to bed at a reasonable hour as they get back into the routine of the school year. We especially welcome our new pupils in Junior Infants.  They will finish at 12:30 each day up to next Thursday. From next Friday September 8th they will go home at 2:00 as normal.


Below we have laid out the information that we feel will aid you as the year progresses.  Communication between class teacher and parent is an important aspect of school life. If at any stage you wish to meet one of the staff, please make an appointment in writing with the teacher concerned or contact the office and we will accommodate you.


We would also like to welcome to the staff Ms. Genevieve Burns and wish her all the best for the coming year.

Start of School Day: School begins at 9:20 and children should be on the premises at this time. It is important that students develop the habit of being punctual for school. Arriving 5 – 10 minutes late regularly is very disruptive for the class and in particular for the pupil who is late. On saying that, we would ask parents not to drop off their children at an inappropriately early time. For infant children we would encourage parents to drop them at the school gate to encourage independence. When picking up infants, the teacher will walk them down to the church doors where they can be collected. Junior Infants will go home at 12:30 for the first week.

Safety at the School Gate: Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to our pupils, parents and staff. We would ask all to continue to adhere to the school car park policy. No vehicles other than those of staff members and the school bus should enter the grounds of the school at any time from 9:00 – 3:10. Vehicles should not block or park at the school gate when dropping off/picking up pupils. It is important to discuss with your child how to walk to and from the school. I would ask parents to drive with extreme caution and at a crawling speed when in or around the school gate and car park. We discuss with the pupils how to arrive/leave the school. We would ask you to do the same. At all times, we would ask drivers to be patient and aware of pupils at all times. It is important that this matter is discussed with any persons responsible for picking up your child. The Board is continuing to work on long term solutions but there are no plans/funds to do so in the medium term We appreciate your continued cooperation with this matter.

Uniform: Pupils are expected to wear their full school uniform every day and the school tracksuit and runners on P.E. days and swimming days. P.E is on each Wednesday. Please find the school tracksuit form attached. It is essential that all pupils have their names on all items of their uniform. Each year the school collects a large amount of unclaimed school uniforms.

P.E: G.A.A. coaching will take place in the first term every Wednesday from September 13th???  Swimming will commence for children from 1st to 6th class later in the year. There will be no swimming for the infant classes.

Football: Gaelic Football for 3rd - 6th class boys will commence next Tuesday in Kingscourt football field from 3.30 to 4.30.  Girls will begin in a couple of weeks.

Attendance: Full attendance at school is of great educational benefit to the children. Last year we had 20 pupils who went through the school year and did not miss a day. We also had another 14 who only missed one day. This was an outstanding achievement.  In the case of an absence, a written note must be given to the teacher explaining the reason for the absence so the teacher has a written record. The roll is taken first thing each morning.  If a child has a dental appointment etc., and will miss the roll call, the teacher needs to be notified the day before.  The school is obliged by law to report any student who misses 20 days to TUSLA, the Child and Family Protection Agency. We are also obliged to report any pupils about whom we have concerns regarding attendance or for whom we have unsatisfactory or no explanations of their absence.  Regular absences of a day here and a day there have a significant impact on a pupil’s progress.  It is also important to stress that when a child is clearly sick, they should not be sent to school for obvious reasons.

Personal Property: Pupils should have their names printed on all their belongings; books, etc. Please ensure that pupils have the necessary equipment for class; pencils, rubbers etc. When students are missing these items, it can be frustrating for all concerned. These items were all laid out in the book lists.

Lunches: Our school has a healthy lunch policy. We are all well aware of the obesity problem at present in this country. Healthy eating habits start young and children should not have sweets, bars, crisps, fizzy drinks etc. We would like to commend the large majority of parents who adhere to this. We would also ask parents, as part of our Green Policy, to refrain from using tin-foil and to use lunch boxes instead.

Book Rental: A reminder to parents that the book scheme costs for this coming year is €20.   Over the summer a large number of additional textbooks were bought for the expanded rental scheme. A large thank you to all parents who have paid for this scheme so far. Our stock is increasing and we are able to fund replacement books also. For example in 6th class, parents only had to purchase 1 book. We would ask pupils to keep good care of these books.

Homework: Children are given homework each night from Monday to Thursday. It is very important that it is fully completed each night. Our Homework Policy on our website gives time guidelines for each class. We recommend that pupils do their homework in a comfortable quiet space as soon as possible.  Parents should check and sign it each night.   If there is a reason why homework is not complete, a short written note from a parent should be given to the teacher. If there is any difficulty with homework such as taking longer than the recommended time, please let the teacher know.

Reading: Reading is a hugely important aspect of school life.  We would strongly recommend that every child has their reading heard out loud at home each evening by an adult.  This helps, among other things, their fluency and comprehension.

Party Invitations: We would like to remind parents that no invitations for parties are allowed to be given out on school premises before, during or after school.

Insurance: We are providing an opportunity for parents to avail of Pupil Personal Accident Insurance. We would recommend that you take this up. The note attached explains what is involved. Price for the insurance is either €4.80 or €7.20 per pupil depending on the type of cover you want. Insurance is optional. If you require this insurance, please complete sign and date the enclosed note and return with payment to the office by Friday 8th of September.

Religion: Confirmation takes place on Sunday May 20th 2018 with First Holy Communion taking place on Saturday May 12th There will be a Mass for sacramental pupils on Saturday the September 30th at 7:30 in Muff Church.

Calendar: Below is a calendar for the coming year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change:

School open – Thursday September 1st (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week) Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 30th – Friday November 3rd inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Friday December 22nd; Reopen Monday January 8th 2018                                                February Mid Term – Closed Thursday February 15th & Friday February 16th 2018

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th: Reopen Monday April 9th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.



Welcome Junior Infants 2017-2018

Newsletter June 2017

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter June 2017

End of Year Reports: The end of year reports have been posted. If anybody hasn’t received their report by Wednesday of next week, please contact the school. The standardised test scores of students in Literacy and Maths are enclosed for pupils of 2nd, 4th and 6th as required.

Book Rental: Also enclosed in the envelope you should find your child’s booklist for next year. Once again we are adding to the Book Rental Scheme. We would ask parents to send in the book rental money before the holidays if at all possible.

Collection of Books: We will also be gathering up all rental books used this year. Please have a look around for any books that may have gone astray or library books that may have been left at home.

6th Class Graduation: Well done to all our 6th class students who had their Graduation Ceremony last week. We wish them all the best as they head on to secondary school.

Sport: The students had a fantastic day on their Sports Day. Many thanks to the Parents Association who provided the medals on the day. Swimming will be completed next Monday. Many thanks to Brendan McCormack for all his work this year with GAA coaching in the school.

Board of Management/Parents Association: I’d just like to thank both the Board and the PA for all their help with the school this year. They make an invaluable contribution to the school that is deeply appreciated. Thanks also to the Parent Association for their generous contribution towards Swimming and School Tour costs.

School Calendar: The school closes for the summer on Thursday the 29th of June. It is a half day with the school closing at 12:00.  The school will re-open on Friday the 1st of September. Below is the calendar for next year. Please note that some dates are subject to change.

School re-opens – Friday September 1st (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week) Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 30th – Friday November 3rd inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Friday December 22nd – Reopen Monday January 8th 2018                                                February Mid Term – Closed Thursday 15th and Friday February 16th St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th – Reopen Monday April 9th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th and Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st and Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.


Finally, on behalf of the whole staff, I’d like to wish you all a very happy and safe summer.


May 2017

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter May 2017

Sacramental Classes: Well done to our Confirmation and Communion Classes for completing these sacraments over the last number of weeks. The success of these days is due to a large number of people within the school community as well as the different teachers involved. The most important aspect is the involvement of the pupils. They were outstanding throughout the process and are a credit to themselves and their families. Many thanks to all who played their part.

Fr. Gerry has provided dates for the preparation Masses for the 1st and 5th Class pupils for next year. The first of these is the Application for Enrolment Mass which will take place on Saturday June 10th at 7:30 in Muff Church.

Finally the Graduation Mass for the pupils in 6th class will take place on Saturday  June 17th in Muff Church at 7:30. This is a new date as we had to change days.

Standardised Testing: The school will be conducting standardised tests over the coming weeks in the areas of English and Maths. These tests are a general guide on how your child is progressing in these areas and results are given out in the end of year reports in 2nd, 4th and 6th as required by the Department of Education & Skills.

Board of Management: The next meeting of the Board is on Tuesday June 13th . Agreed reports of the Board’s meeting can be viewed on the website. I would like to once again thank the Board for the work that they have carried out during the year.

Junior Infants: Many thanks to all the parents who came to the school for the information meeting for the Junior Infants starting in September. Parents will be informed in due course with regard to make up of classes.

Booklists/Book Rental: We are currently reviewing the book lists for next year and identifying books that could be purchased under the book rental scheme. Costs for parents are always of primary concern to us when we are outing these lists together. They will be posted out with your child’s end of year report.

School Tours: Below is a list of the school tours for the coming year. Please note that this year no electronic equipment such as phones, iPads etc can be brought on tour due to child protection and insurance reasons.

Class Tour Date

5th & 6th Class Dublinia, National Gallery of Ireland & National Aquatic Centre Wednesday June 7th
3rd & 4th Class Tanagh Outdoor Adventure Centre Thursday June 8th
1st & 2nd Class GR8 Entertainment in Castleblaney Thursday June 22nd


Junior & Senior Infants Causey Farm Thursday June 22nd



Drama: Children from Senior Infants, 1st Class and 2nd Class are looking forward to the production “There and back again – An Odyssey” in Ramor Theatre on June 9th.  The cost for this has been subsidised by the school.

IT Plan: The school is currently undertaking a review of its IT Plan and the needs in the school. We hope to be in a position to purchase some new equipment over the next few months ensuring that we continue our integrated approach with IT.

After School Care: Caroline Clarke has informed me that she is now taking names of people who wish to avail of the service in the Old School for this coming September. Please contact her on 087 1762628 or for more details.

Green Flag: We received our new Green Flag at a ceremony in Drogheda on Thursday. Well done to all who worked so hard to achieve this.

Sport: It has been a very busy time in the school for sport. Swimming is continuing for 5th and 6th class. The boys reached the final of the local 7 a side blitz. It was a tremendous performance from the lads. The girls played their school blitz this week. Many of the girls were playing in a competitive match for the first time. They produced some fantastic displays in their four matches. Many thanks to Ms. Quinn who coached the girls this year. We had the tag rugby coach in with 3rd, 4th and 5th classes and he will be coming back again in September.

Finally the School Sports Day is scheduled for Friday June 16th. More details will be distributed closer to the time.

School Calendar: Below is a list of dates for the remainder of the year. Please note that the school will close at 2:00 on Tuesday June  6th for a school staff meeting. Also we can confirm that the school will reopen after the summer break on Friday September 1st.

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 2nd and Monday June 5th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 29th 2017.



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