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Timetable for Collection of School Books Wednesday January 13th 2021

Please follow timetable and adhere to social distancing at all times.

9:45 – 10:15  Ms. McCarthy’s Junior Infants.

10:15 – 10:45 Ms. McNally’s Senior Infants & 1st Classes.

Ms. Campbells books have been sent home.

11:00 – Zoom Lesson for Ms. Swinburne’s class (books already sent home)

12:00 – 12:30 Ms. McDonnell’s 4th & 5th Classes.

12:30 – 1:00 Mr. Byrne’s 5th & 6th Classes.


Enrolment Week

Please note Enrolment week will commence on Monday January 18th 2021.  The Enrolment form is available to download from our policy section.  Should you require one emailed to you, please contact the school. 

Homework for week 11th – 16th January

Mr Byrne

Remote Learning Week 1 – Ms. McDonnell

3rd Class – Week 1 Miss Swinburne

Ms Campbell Week 1

Week 1 First Class

Week 1 Senior Infants

Junior Infants 11th to 15th january online learning (2)

Information note for Parents January 8th 2021

Information Note for Parents January 8th 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Once again we unfortunately find ourselves in a situation where schools are having to operate remote learning until at least the end of the month. This is something parents, teachers and pupils did not want to have to face into again but we will do the best we can and that is all anyone can be asked to do.

Below I have laid out the plan for the coming weeks in terms of working online, collecting books, uploading of work, interaction with both class and teacher, communication and other various important aspects. As a school community, I felt everyone did a terrific job last time out and I’m confident that we can use that experience and expertise so that the children don’t lose out too much before their return to school in the coming weeks.

The first week will be very much about setting up and settling into a routine of work. We will be asking all pupils to sign up to the Seesaw app, details of which are provided. We will also be organising parents to come in and collect any school books that they may need in the weeks ahead. Many pupils have most of the books they need but there will be an opportunity on Wednesday to come in and collect some other books. We will give further details about this early next week. Some pupils were absent in the week before Christmas and did not get any books home. We will make provisions for them on Monday. They can email the school to let us know. There will be work published on the website ready for Monday morning so that children can start straight away if suitable.

It is important to state that we recognise the huge difficulties that can be faced by parents when trying to help their children complete school work from home. We have personal experience of them ourselves. That is why it is very important to recognise that the work given each day to your child is very much a menu of work. It is not essential all the work is done every day. Some children may get all of it done, others half of it and so on. Whatever is done on each day is done on each day. Don’t ever get to Wednesday saying that you have to finish off Tuesday first. Start afresh each day. You as their parent/guardian know when it is time to call a halt to proceedings.

Connection between pupils and their teachers is crucial as is connection with their class mates. With that in mind we will be doing the following:

The first week pupils can email the work that teachers request back to their teacher. There is no need to send back every piece of work that pupils complete as this isn’t an efficient use of valuable time for all concerned. We will ask that students complete the one activity set for them in Seesaw this week as well.

From next week we would ask that all work for correction be sent via Seesaw as we want one central location for all our corrections.

There will be Zoom lessons taking place in all classes. They will start this week with Ms Campbell, Ms Swinburne and I and then all teachers from next week on. There will be two lessons weekly from 2nd to 6th class with one lesson starting off for the younger classes. We feel these are very important as they allow the pupils to interact with their teacher, to encourage and reassure them with the work that they are doing. It also provides an opportunity for them to mix in some way with their peers. This social aspect of these lessons is of huge benefit – parents told us as much in the recent surveys that were completed. A timetable of all these lessons will be on the website each week.

It is important to note that the school’s Code of Behaviour is in operation during these sessions. Pupils should be on their own in front of the screen so for example other siblings cannot join in. We would recommend the use of earphones if available. If not, try to find as quiet a space as you can in the current circumstances. They should be appropriately dressed (no pyjamas for instance). There should no other devices recording any aspect of the lesson. We had no issues last year and hope that this will continue to be the way. Emails of parents/guardians will be requested by the teachers beforehand so as to send on the link. The pupil will then be in the waiting room before the teacher invites them into the lesson. Please note that parents/guardians emails must be used.

I am also aware from surveys that some families will have issues with broadband, the availability of devices, demands on time, parents working at home and a variety of other issues. If you are having issues with this, please just let the teacher or I know.

Providing pupil’s feedback will be an important aspect of the work we will do. Teachers will use the Seesaw App to do so. If there is any query that you have you can contact the email address that we have provided for each teacher. General enquiries should be sent to the school. We would ask that you make these enquiries during the school day between 9 and 3.

As in the first lockdown, I would encourage you to try and ensure that your children get outdoors to play and exercise each and every day. This is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining their physical and mental health. If the weather is bad, Joe Wicks is still on the go! They need to complete at least 30 minutes of rigorous exercise every day. If the weather is poor, I would highly recommend the Home School Hub on RTE. From an educational point of view I would have to give the teachers involved huge credit. It really can be excellent for all ages.

Finally I know the stresses and strains that home schooling puts on households. Some pupils took to it like ducks to water. Others found it immensely challenging and difficult to sit and complete tasks. As parents all you can do is your best. Please know that we are here to try and support you and your child’s learning in any way we can. If we all continue to follow the guidelines, hopefully we will be back to school in a few weeks. In the meantime I hope you all keep well.

A. Byrne.


Setting up the SeeSaw app:

You can request your access code from the Teacher via the teacher email on Tuesday afternoon. The teacher will send you the code by Friday. To make a See-Saw account:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose “I’m a Student”
  3. Type in the code: (The teacher will give you this code by Friday next).
  4. Finish creating your account using your school Google account or email address

Making a See-Saw account with your email tutorial

Uploading work with See-Saw


Teachers Email addresses:




Christmas Newsletter

Muff N.S. Note Christmas 2020

Final Day/Christmas Jumpers:   The school closes for the Christmas break on Tuesday December 22nd at 12:30. Children can wear a Christmas or festive jumper on that day. There is no obligation to do so. Many thanks to the Parents Association for the little gift they have organised for the children.

School Books:   Over the next few days we will be sending home a number of school books with the children to keep over the holidays. This is very much a precautionary measure should the need arise for them to have access to books at home in early January. It is very much a case of planning for all eventualities but hopefully they won’t be needed.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas.

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Dhaoibh!

Christmas Time 2020

December Newsletter

Please click link below to view newsletter:

Dec ’20

Art Competition

Congratulations to Kevin Tierney & Liam Fitzsimons who both won 3rd place prizes in the recent Credit Union Art Competition.

November Newsletter

November 2020

Science Week Fun November 2020


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