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September 2018 Information Note

Muff N.S. 2018/2019

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We hope that you had an enjoyable summer and we look forward to another school year. Over the coming days, we would ask you to ensure that the children get to bed at a reasonable hour as they get back into the routine of the school year. We especially welcome our new pupils in Junior Infants.  They will finish at 12:30 each day up to next Thursday. From next Friday September 7th they will go home at 2:00 as normal.


Below we have laid out the information that we feel will aid you as the year progresses.  Communication between class teacher and parent is an important aspect of school life. If at any stage you wish to meet one of the staff, please make an appointment in writing with the teacher concerned or contact the office and we will accommodate you.


We would also like to welcome back to the staff Ms Tara Quinn and wish her all the best for the coming year.  Ms Rachel Marron will be working as a substitute for Ms Farrelly for the coming weeks.

Start of School Day:  School begins at 9:20 and children should be on the premises at this time. It is important that students develop the habit of being punctual for school. Arriving 5-10 minutes late regularly is very disruptive for the class and in particular for the pupil who is late. Equally, we would ask parents not to drop off their children at an inappropriately early time. Supervision is provided from 9:10 or when the school bus arrives-whichever is earlier.  For infant children we would encourage parents to drop them at the school gate to encourage independence. When picking up infants, the teacher will walk them down to the church doors where they can be collected. Junior Infants will go home at 12:30 for the first week.

Safety at the School Gate:  Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to our pupils, parents and staff. We would ask all to continue to adhere to the school car park policy. No vehicles other than those of staff members and the school bus should enter the grounds of the school at any time from 9:00 – 3:10. Vehicles should not block or park at the school gate when dropping off/picking up pupils. It is important to discuss with your child how to walk to and from the school. I would ask parents to drive with extreme caution and at a crawling speed when in or around the school gate and car park. We discuss with the pupils how to arrive/leave the school. We would ask you to do the same. At all times, we would ask drivers to be patient and aware of pupils. It is important that this matter is discussed with any persons responsible for picking up your child. We appreciate your continued cooperation with this matter.

School Building: We have been granted full planning permission to build our school extension of one extra classroom.  We are now getting ready for tender.  The process has unfortunately been much slower than we would have liked, so for the moment we have converted the school hall into a classroom.

Uniform: Pupils are expected to wear their full school uniform every day and the school tracksuit and runners on P.E. days and swimming days. P.E is on each Wednesday. It is essential that all pupils have their names on all items of their uniform. Each year the school collects a large amount of unclaimed school uniforms. Tracksuit order forms are enclosed should you wish to order same.  Please return completed form to office by Thursday September 7th.

P.E: G.A.A. coaching will take place late on in the term. Swimming will commence for children from 1st to 6th class later in the year. There will be no swimming for the infant classes.

Football: Gaelic Football for 3rd – 6th class boys will commence next Tuesday in Kingscourt football field from 3.30 to 4.30.  Girls will begin in a couple of weeks.

Attendance: Full attendance at school is of great educational benefit to the children. Last year we had 4 pupils who went through the school year and did not miss a day. We also had another 9 who only missed one day. This was an outstanding achievement.  In the case of an absence, a written note must be given to the school explaining the reason for the absence so the school has a written record. The roll is taken first thing each morning.  If a child has a dental appointment etc., and will miss the roll call, the teacher needs to be notified the day before.  The school is obliged by law to report any student who misses 20 days to TUSLA, the Child and Family Protection Agency. We are also obliged to report any pupils about whom we have concerns regarding attendance or for whom we have unsatisfactory or no explanations of their absence.  Regular absences of a day here and a day there have a significant impact on a pupil’s progress.  It is also important to stress that when a child is clearly sick, they should not be sent to school for obvious reasons.

Personal Property: Pupils should have their names printed on all their belongings; books, etc. Please ensure that pupils have the necessary equipment for class; pencils, rubbers etc. When students are missing these items, it can be frustrating for all concerned. These items were all laid out in the book lists.

Lunches: Our school has a healthy lunch policy. We are all well aware of the obesity problem at present in this country. Healthy eating habits start young and children should not have sweets, bars, crisps, fizzy drinks etc. We would discourage yogurts as they can cause a considerable mess. We would like to commend the large majority of parents who adhere to this. We would also ask parents, as part of our Green Policy, to refrain from using tin-foil and to use lunch boxes instead.

Book Rental:  A reminder to parents that the book scheme cost for this coming year is €20.   Over the summer a large number of additional textbooks were bought for the expanded rental scheme. A large thank you to all parents who have paid for this scheme so far. Our stock is increasing and we are able to fund replacement books also. For example in 6th class, parents only had to purchase 1 book. We would ask pupils to take good care of these books.

Contacting School: Gillian works in the office four days a week.  She is not in the office on Tuesdays.  Please be aware of this when contacting the school.

Homework:  Children are given homework each night from Monday to Thursday. It is very important that it is fully completed each night. Our Homework Policy on our website gives time guidelines for each class. We recommend that pupils do their homework in a comfortable quiet space as soon as possible.  Parents should check and sign it each night.   If there is a reason why homework is not complete, a short written note from a parent should be given to the teacher. If there is any difficulty with homework such as taking longer than the recommended time, please let the teacher know immediately.

Reading:   Reading is a hugely important aspect of school life.  We would strongly recommend that every child has their reading heard out loud at home each evening by an adult.  This helps, among other things, their fluency and comprehension.

Party Invitations:   We would like to remind parents that no invitations for parties are allowed to be given out on school premises before, during or after school.

Insurance: We are providing an opportunity for parents to avail of Pupil Personal Accident Insurance. We would highly recommend that you take this up as a number of families have found it beneficial over the years. The note attached explains what is involved. Price for the insurance is either €4.80 or €7.20 per pupil depending on the type of cover you want. Insurance is optional. If you require this insurance, please complete sign and date the enclosed note and return with payment to the office by Wednesday September 19th.

Religion:  Confirmation takes place on Sunday May 12th 2019 with First Holy Communion taking place on Saturday May 25th 2019.  There will be a Mass for sacramental pupils on Saturday October 13th at 7:30 in Muff Church.

Calendar:   Below is a calendar for the coming year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change:

School re-opens – Friday August 31st    (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week) Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 29th  –  Friday November 2nd inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Friday December 21st  – Reopen Monday January 7th  2019

February Mid Term – Closed Thursday 21st and Friday February 22nd

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Friday March 15th and Monday March 18th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday April 15th  – Reopen Monday April 29th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Monday May 6th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 31st and Monday June 3rd

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 27th 2019.

Attendance Day & Treasure Hunt Awards

May Newsletter

Laragh 2 Muff Newsletter May 2018

Sacramental Classes:   First Holy Communion takes place for 2nd class this Saturday at 11:00am in Muff Church. We would ask parents to ensure that they are in good time on the morning with the children. There will be a reception afterwards in the school hall. The Parents Association has asked for parents of pupils in 1st class to help out with this on the morning. Confirmation takes place the following Sunday at 3:00pm in Kingscourt Church.

The Enrolment Mass for pupils wishing to make their Confirmation and Communion next year takes place on Saturday June 9th at 7:30pm in Muff Church. Each relevant family will be given a list of Masses for next year.

The Graduation Mass for 6th class takes place on Saturday June 23rd at 7:30pm in Muff Church.

Information Meeting:   The meeting for parents of pupils going into Junior Infants in September 2018 takes place on Tuesday May 15th  2:10pm in the school hall.

Board of Management Meeting:   The next Board meeting takes place on Tuesday May 29th  at 8:00 pm in the school. The Board, under the chairperson Ciara Walsh, carries out a huge amount of important work during the school year in areas such as Child Protection, School Infrastructure, Finance and Curricular Development to name but a few. This time is given voluntarily and is hugely appreciated. Reports from Board meetings are available to view on the school website.

Standardised Testing:   The test dates this year are as follows:

Micra T : May 21st; 22nd & 23rd

Sigma T: June 5th; 6th & 7th.

These tests are a snapshot and add to the large amount of information that we as educators have collected on your child.  The result for pupils in 2nd, 4th & 6th class are put in the report at the end of the year.  All results are given out your annual Parent-Teacher meeting.

Swimming:   The next group to attend swimming lessons will be 2nd, 3rd and 4th class. They will go for a total of 6 weeks beginning on Monday May 14th.

Community Games Art:   Well done to all those who took part in the Cavan County Championship recently. Senan McCormack came first in his age group and now goes on to represent Cavan in the All Ireland Competition in Limerick at the end of the month. Congratulations to Fionn Canavan who finished 3rd in U10 and Tom Martin who was highly commended in the U14 category.

Boys Soccer:   Well done to the boys’ team who qualified for the county final in Cootehill recently. In their finals matches, they won one and lost two. Many thanks to Ms. Campbell and Gillian who accompanied the team.

Blitz:   Well done to our two teams who took part in the local schools blitz on Wednesday.

Girls Football:   The league for the girls begins this month. Training continues in school and on Tuesday after school.

GDPR: Our school is actively preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into effect of May 25th.  We take the care of the data that we receive from parents very seriously.  Our policy is on the website and will be amended in the coming weeks.

School Tours:   Below is a list of school tours for this year. The Parents Association subsidise the costs of these trips to the tune of €1,000.00. Further information on these trips will be given out closer to the time.


Class Tour Date


5th & 6th Class Glasnevin Cemetery, Croke Park Museum & National Aquatic Centre Wednesday June 13th
3rd & 4th Class Rathbeggan Lakes, Dunshaughlin. Thursday June 7th


1st & 2nd Class Dublin Zoo Wednesday June 13th


Junior & Senior Infants Causey Farm Thursday June 14th



School Calendar:   The school is closed next Monday  May 14th at 2:00 pm to facilitate a staff meeting. Below are a list of school closures between now and the end of the school year. The school will reopen after the summer break on Friday August 31st.

Referendum – Closed Friday May 25th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018

Spelling Bee 2018

Congratulations to Alana McElroy who was crowned Laragh 2 Muff NS Spelling Bee Champion 2018.  Well done also to Ross Smith and Darragh Farrelly who finished joint 2nd.  Alana went on to represent the school in the County final last Tuesday and performed superbly, getting through to round 4.

April Newsletter 2018

Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter April 2018

Sponsored Walk: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who supported our annual fundraiser. So far we have raised €2878.00, with some cards and money still outstanding.   This money will be used to pay for school art supplies and also subsidise a number of events for the pupils in areas like drama, music, art and sport.

Sacramental Classes:   The final preparation Mass for Communion and Confirmation classes will take place on Saturday April 28th in Muff Church. The Retreat for 6th class will take place on Thursday May 10th. The Bishop has contacted Fr. Gerry asking for all 6th class pupils to have a Mass Missal and Rosary Beads for the Confirmation Mass. More information is available on the note attached for Confirmation pupils.

Congratulations: Well done to Erin Smith who had her poem published in a book by Columba Press, called “Fáilte Pope Francis”. This book contains work from pupils all over Ireland to mark the Pope’s visit in August.

Swimming:   The 1st, 5th and 6th class will continue their swimming for the month of April.

GAA:   With the weather hopefully going to improve over the next few weeks, football will begin for the girls starting next week on Tuesday April 17th. This will take place every Tuesday for the next while in Kingscourt Pitch from 3:30 – 4:30. All girls from 3rd to 6th class are invited down. The emphasis is on participation, enjoyment and improving skills. The boys will begin later in the month,

Soccer:   We have two boys teams participating in the Schools Soccer Blitz that takes place on Wednesday this week in Cootehill.

Community Games Art:   We had 12 medal winners in the Kingscourt Community Games  Art Competition.  All who placed in 1st & 2nd will attend the County final in Bailieborough Community School this Saturday April 14th at 2pm.  We wish them the very best of luck.

Under 8 Girls – 2nd Erin Lynch.

Under 8 Boys – 1st Senan McCormack, 2nd Liam Fitzsimons

Under 10 Girls – 3rd Erin Smith

Under 10 boys – 1st Aidan Curtis, 2nd Fionn Canavan

Under 12 Girls – 2nd Mairéad McCaul, 3rd Meghan Hurt

Under 14 Girls – 3rd  Katie Mae Lynch

Under 14 Boys –  1st Tom Martin, 2nd Sid Reilly, 3rd Ross Smith.


School Self Evaluation:   We are beginning to look at the area of spelling in the school as part of the new Language Curriculum. Please note that the end of year standardised tests take place the weeks of May 21st-24th and June 5th – 8th.  We would appreciate if you could inform us in advance, if your child will be absent during these weeks.

School Uniform/Possessions:   It is essential that children have their names printed clearly on all uniforms and possessions that they bring to school. We would just remind parents to make sure that their child is wearing the full correct uniform on the correct day and that they come to school with a full pencil case.

Supervision:  For insurance purposes, Parents should be aware that supervision is provided in the morning from 9:10 am or when the bus arrives – whichever is the earliest.

School Calendar:   Below is a list of dates for the remainder of the school year.

May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

Referendum – Closed Friday May 25th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018

Easter Holidays 2018

Please note we will close for our Easter Holidays at 12:30 on Friday March 23rd, and will reopen on Monday April 9th.  We wish you all a very Happy Easter.


Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018

Photos of our Irish Show can be seen in the gallery section below.


March Newsletter 2018


 Laragh 2 Muff N.S. Newsletter March 2018

Sacramental Classes:   The Confirmation Class have their Service of Light in Kingscourt Church tomorrow at 6pm. Frances Black will be speaking at the Mass. The Communion Class have a Mass at 7:30pm in Muff Church.

The final preparation Mass is on Saturday April 28th in Muff Church.

The 6th class will have their Confirmation Retreat in the Parish Centre on Thursday May 10th from 10:30am–12:30pm.

Communion is on May 12th at 11:00am in Muff Church with Confirmation taking place on Sunday May 20th at 3pm in Kingscourt Church.

Sponsored Walk: The annual fundraiser will take place on Friday March 23rd. Our 5th and 6th class will participate in the Muff 2K at the top of Lough an Lae. We would ask that families try to ensure that all cards are returned before the Easter Break.

Child Protection:   The Board of Management has now adopted new Child Protection Procedures for the school as required by the Department of Education. This involves a Child Safeguarding Statement which has now been published and is available to view on our website. The Parents Association have also been given a copy of the statement and it is available from the office. This document will be reviewed annually by the Board. If you have any queries, please contact the office.

We have also published two recent policies that have been reviewed on the website – one on Data Protection and the other in regard to Parents as Partners.

Seachtain na Gaeilge:   This takes place from Monday to Friday and, as ever, we’ll be engaging in a number of different activities. The emphasis in the school is on oral language and in using it in a variety of different circumstances both in and outside school. We would encourage you to listen to their “cúpla focail” during the week.

School Quiz Teams:   We had a very successful outing with our quiz teams at the recent Cumann na mBunscol competition in Cavan. Our senior team managed to place 4th out of all of Cavan and deservedly won a prize. Well done to all who took part.

Parents Association:   Our PA recently organised a very successful church collection. The committee is therefore able to once again subsidise swimming for the pupils. This significantly reduces the cost significantly of buses and pool hire each week. We would like to thank all those who organised and helped out on the day.

Swimming:   The swimming for 1st, 5th and 6th begins this Monday. The cost is €6 per child.

Calendar Dates:   Firstly I’d like to thank the members of the community who helped clear roads and entrances to the school so that we could open last Monday. It was a great example to the children of the importance of community spirit.

Please find below a list of dates for the new school year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change:

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Monday March 19th

Easter Holidays – Closed Monday March 26th. Reopen Monday April 9th                                                      May Bank Holiday – Closed Friday May 4th & Monday May 7th

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 1st & Monday June 4th

Summer Holidays – Finish Thursday June 28th 2018.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons for 1st, 5th & 6th class will commence Monday March 12th.


Champion Twirler

 Congratulations to Sinead Carolan who was very successful at the National Twirling Championships recently.  Here she is displaying some of her silverware.

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