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Admissions Policy

Please note our new Draft Admissions Policy, as required by the Department and the Patron,  is now available to view in our School Policies section.  Any queries, please contact the school.


Letter from Fr Gerry – Confirmation

Information note April 27th -30th

Dear Parent/Guardian.

I hope that you are all keeping well. This week is the last week before the May Bank Holiday. As per our school calendar, we were due to be closed on this coming Friday, the 1st of May as well as the Bank Holiday Monday. Pupils will not be asked to complete any tasks on these days. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic contributions that the pupils have been sending to the teachers. Feedback from both staff and pupils has been very positive and many of the pieces of artwork have been put onto the website.

From the work that we have seen, it is very clear that many of you have been doing an incredible job in sitting with your children and seeing that they attempt to complete much of the work given to them. We would like to commend you for this – it does make a difference.

The senior classes (from 4th to 6th) have all engaged in a Zoom Lesson. These, while never being able to replicate a normal classroom, have been beneficial. The pupils’ attitude and behaviour during these lessons has been exemplary. Just a reminder that the school Code of Behaviour applies in these lessons too.

I would also take this opportunity to recommend two things that are on TV each day. The RTE School Hub which is on daily at 11:00 has had some terrific lessons on it suitable for all ages. Also on TG4 each day at 10:00, Cúla 4 has some lovely pieces in Irish. We will attach an information sheet on the topics and class levels below.

Fr. Gerry has written a letter to all parents of communion pupils outlining his plans to mark the occasion, which obviously has had to be postponed. We have sent this by email.

If anyone has any queries, please contact the teacher via the given e mail address or you can contact the school via e mail or on 087 1772709.

Art Work

Click into March & April 2020 to view more fantastic Art Work.

Information & Homework for April 20th -24th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I sincerely hope that both you and your family had a restful break and got to enjoy as much of the good weather as you could. We were blessed to have sunshine and no rain for the past fortnight. As we return to the final school term, it seems likely that we will be all engaged in home schooling for a significant proportion of that time. With that in mind, there are a number of key points that I would like to emphasise.

First and foremost is that all anybody can ask is that you do the best you can. We are well aware of the many challenges involved in trying to get children to sit down and do work at home when there could be parents working, more than one child to work with, demand on devices, very young children to be looked after, difficulties with a certain topic etc. and that is assuming that everybody is safe and well. The last thing we are looking to do is cause undue stress and pressure.

With that in mind, you should regard work assigned to pupils as a menu rather than something that has to be completed from top to bottom. The work is set by teachers to be class appropriate and should be completed generally in a couple of hours at most. If it is dragging on, you as the parent and primary educator should call a halt to proceedings. Routine is key and if I may pass on a little piece of advice, I would treat each weekday as if the school is open – have the children ready for school (if you can) at normal school time to start work. Even make out a timetable and try to stick to it. Once again, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of play, particularly with younger children. Getting outside, physical exercise, household chores are all worthy learning exercises.

We have been examining ways that teachers can interact further with pupils at home in terms of offering support and engaging with them. Many pupils e-mailed their work to the individual teacher addresses and we would ask those who have done that to continue to do so. If you haven’t availed of that yet, please try to do so this week. Some 6th class pupils engaged in a Zoom lesson with myself which went very well. We are still examining the pros and cons of such software which is more suited to older pupils. This week we will be inviting pupils from 4th to 6th to engage with their class teacher in a lesson on Zoom. More details are on the individual worksheets left by Ms. Quinn, Ms. Swinburne and I. But again, we are at an early stage of evaluation.

We are also examining some Learning Management Systems such as Seesaw, Google Classroom and WebEx to see what is most appropriate for our school context. These are being used on a trial basis with a small number of pupils over the next two weeks and as we receive further information on them we will be in a better situation in terms of deciding which we will be using, if any, going forward.

We are conscious that all of the above mentioned requires broadband, available devices etc. and that not everybody has that available to them. We will continue to be in contact with those pupils and if there are any issues you can e mail the teacher, the school or ring the school mobile on 0871772709.

The staff are very keen to distribute more school books to households from the various classrooms. However, under current HSE guidelines we can’t just do that at the moment. As soon as this restriction is lifted we will try to organise a safe way for families to obtain these books.

Above all, we want you to realise that we are here and available to support you and your child in their learning and well-being. If you have any concern, worry or query about anything relating to your child, please don’t hesitate in contacting your class teacher for advice and/or guidance. Keep safe and we will be in touch again next week.


Week 4 – Mr Byrne

Week 4 – Miss Quinn

Week 4 – 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Week 4 – 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 4 Ms Campbell

Week 4 – Miss Galligan

Week 4 Senior Infants Ms Marron

Week 4 Junior Infants Ms Marron

Junior Infants Sun, Hat, Fun Wordsheets

Easter Art

Don’t forget to check the fabulous Easter Arts & Crafts work.  Click into March & April 2020 on left hand side to view.

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