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Information & Homework May 5th – 8th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As I am sure you are all aware of now, schools have been told that they will not be able to reopen until September. This is obviously news that none of us wanted to hear but we will have to just continue to adapt as best we can to the situation. From the quality and the amount of work that has come into teachers via the various tools we have provided, it is clear that many of you are doing a remarkable job in very challenging circumstances. This will benefit your children come next year and we ask that you all continue to do your best in the next number of weeks. Remember to look at the list of work provided as a menu of work. If you have any queries, please contact your teacher via the email addresses given.

We as a staff are very anxious to be able to access the school building so as to change books, resources etc. and organise for parents to pick up and drop off different school books in a safe and organised manner. As soon as we get confirmation that we can do so, we will let you know. We would ask that the school books the children currently have are looked after. The vast majority of these are school rental books and both the school and parents have contributed a lot of money to these over the last number of years.

We have attached a letter from Fr. Gerry with regard to the First Holy Communion pupils.  We would ask all parents of 2nd class pupils to read this letter closely.

We have been very lucky with the weather and it has been fantastic to see photos sent in of a number of pupils involved in learning with regard to outdoor activities like gardening, farming, sport etc. We also have received a huge amount of artwork which is available to view on the website. Please continue to engage in these very important activities. Wishing you all a healthy and happy week.

First Holy Communion 2020-Letter From Fr Gerry


Week 6 – Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 6

Week 6 4th Class Ms Swinburne

Week 6 3rd Class Ms Swinburne

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Homework 5th May -Ms Galligan

Senior Infants Homework 5 May

Junior Infants Homework 5 May 2020

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