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Information & Homework for March 23rd-27th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that we are all keeping well in these challenging times. We are closed for the coming week obviously and it seems highly likely as I write this that we won’t be back until after Easter at the earliest. There is also the possibility of a prolonged closure. In any event, all schools are being kept informed by the Department of Education and the H.S.E. about what procedures and expectations are in place in the future. The staff have once again left work for all the pupils to complete. This can be accessed here on the website.

Teachers often remark about how resilient children are in the face of adversity and I’m sure many of you are seeing that already. We find that routine can be of great help for all concerned when trying to sit your child down to do some school work. For example, setting time aside first thing in the morning would be the ideal time to get work done. We would also state that where possible, parents/guardians check over the work and at this stage even correct if they can. Pupils need feedback about what they have done to ensure that they feel it is worthwhile. This is much easier said than done with many parents working, trying to mind siblings etc. Plus as in class, some pupils finish tasks much quicker than others. All anyone can do is their best and the greatest gift anybody can demonstrate at the moment is common sense.

We are examining ways in the school that we can enhance students’ learning from home. This will invariably involve the use of I.T. Again we are very conscious of the quality of some internet connections, the availability of tablets, laptops etc. , supervision and many other issues. We also are acutely aware that the priority of everybody will be the health of all members of the family – particularly those who are more vulnerable. But we will be exploring ways of interacting with classes online in terms of both teaching and correcting work. We hope to have something in place in the near future and we’ll be providing provide further information on this.

With that in mind, this week we will be giving suggestions with regard to P.E., art, music etc. as well as the core subjects. Parents know their children best so as teachers are setting work for the class in general, we will leave it to you to exercise your judgement on whether your child needs to do less or more. We will be back in touch next week and if you have any queries please call the school or e mail us at


Work in General:

P.E.   Getting children outside to play is very important – once they are following government guidelines with regard to groups and social distancing. On Youtube each morning at 9:00 you can look up “The Body Coach” who will be doing a 30 minute session suitable for all primary children indoors.

Reading:   The libraries have made available e books for children to read on line for free. You just need to sign up with them and provide an e mail address. Many books have already been borrowed but there are still plenty available for all ages. This is particularly useful if the children are telling you they have read all the books in the house! In terms of learning, this is the most important thing your child can be doing.

Music:   Dabble Doo Music have made their program free for parents for the month for all interested.

Art:   If any child wishes to send in art that they do of any description to the school, we will add it to the gallery on the school website. They can take a picture of it and e mail it to this address –


Week 2 – Mr Byrne

Week 2 – Miss Quinn

Week 2 – 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Week 2 – 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 2 – Ms Campbell

Week 2 – Ms Campbells PDF sheets

Week 2 – Miss Galligan

Week 2 – Senior Infants Ms. Marron

Week 2 – Junior Infants Ms. Marron


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