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Information & Homework 25th-29th May

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping well. Today we have not given out any work to pupils for Monday as this has given some teachers the opportunity to distribute some books that might help with work over the coming weeks. The menu of work has been set for Tuesday on. An item of major importance for the school is the return of school rental books. We have a list of exactly what books each class should have and we will set aside specific times for their return later on in June. If there are readers, school books that are finished or teachers have specifically requested their return, they can be brought back today. But the vast majority will be returned over a number of days before the holidays.

June is always a time of year in school where we engaged in a number of fun activities from school tours to Sports Day. Obviously these have been cancelled but from the week starting the 2nd of June on we are looking to take one day each week to engage in a fun learning activity. They will be held each Friday and the timetable, weather permitting, will look like this:

Friday June 5th: Virtual Sports Day; Friday June 12th Science/Nature Day; Thursday June 18th Creative Arts Day: We hope that these will allow the children to engage in fun school activities separately but as part of the whole school community. We will give more details of these closer to the time of each event.

End of Year Reports:   These will be posted out later in June. They will be based on how your child got on this year in class up to March the 12th although they may reference some aspects of the Remote Learning Experience.

Book Lists/Classes for next year:   The book lists for next year and the class composition with regard to their make – up will be released at the same time as the reports. There will be details of the book rental scheme attached as well.

Zoom Lessons:   Our three senior rooms have been engaging in Zooms lessons each week. Thus far they have been very successful and I want to congratulate both parents/guardians and pupils for their exemplary behaviour. They have been outstanding. We are introducing the following draft guidelines for pupils to continue to follow.

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
  3. Mute your microphone when the teacher asks you to or if there is background noise.
  4. Leave keyboard alone
  5. Be respectful
  6. Don’t engage in chat function
  7. No food
  8. Stay seated and present
  9. Be patient – this is new for everyone!

Community Games Art:   We had great success in the recent Community Games Art Competition. Here is a list of the medal winners:

U-8 Girls: 1st Cáitlín Canavan; 2nd Aoibheann McCabe.

U-10 Girls: 3rd Nicole Lay

U-14 Girls: 2nd Sinead Carolan; 3rd Sophie Tully.

U-8 Boys: 1st Jack Taylor

U-10 Boys: 1st Liam Fitzsimons; 2nd Philip Curtis; 3rd Senan McCormack

U-12 Boys: 1st Aidan Curtis; 3rd Fionn Canavan

U-14 Boys: 1st Niall Gogarty; 2nd Nathan Sheridan; 3rd Liam Raymond.

Also those who would to make items from recycled paper or magazines, can click on the following video link to follow instructions:

6th Class Graduation:   Unfortunately this is not able to happen in its usual form. We are going ahead with the Graduation Yearbook however. We will look at the various options going forward and will inform you of any developments in the future.

We hope you have a good week. If there are any queries about any of the work left below, please contact the teacher via e mail. Keep up the quality of the work sent in.


Week 9 – Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 9

Wk 9 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Wk 9 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 9 Ms Campbell

Week 9 Miss Galligan

Senior Infants Homework May 25

Junior Infants Homework 25 May

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