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Mural in School Hall


After the removal of some old computers, we had a large wall in our school hall that we felt gave the opportunity for an artistic display.  Ms. Swinburne and Ms. McEneaney worked on and designed an idea that would incorporate creativity, represent Muff and involve all school pupils and staff.

Over the Easter Holidays, Ms. Swinburne spent a huge amount of time putting the mural into motion devising 3 central pictures:  A horse from The Fair of Muff, the Harry Clarke window from the Church and Cross at Mass Rock.

The children then all completed colourful designs in circles that they filled in themselves.  The result of all this effort is the beautiful mural that now adorns our hall.  A huge thanks to all staff and children who helped to put it together and a special thanks to Ms. Swinburne for the massive amount of her free time she gave to it.


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