Agreed Report to Parents December 2023

  • First meeting of new BOM. All members introduced themselves and stated their connection to Muff NS.
  • Correspondences to the school were read out and discussed.
  • An overview of the functions of a BOM was read out and discussed. This is to inform new board members of the roles and responsibility of a BOM.
  • The Critical Incident in the school was reviewed and adapted.
  • Election of officers took place with Treasure, Secretary and Recording Secretary being elected.
  • Revised Parental Complaints procedures were presented to the BOM members and they were made aware of the process.

Agreed Report to Parents February 2023

  • Enrolment completed for coming school year. There will be an information meeting in May for parents of the new Junior Infants.
  • School Self Evaluation continues to work on the area of spelling.
  • Member of the Parents Association Committee met with A. Byrne and discussed a wide range of issues and proposals. The Board complemented the focus of the P.A. on both fundraising and children’s issues.
  • The new Primary Curriculum Framework ins to be released next month.
  • School Events
    • Junior Entrepreneur Project: Gemma Dillon spoke to 5th & 6th Stephanie Dodd & David McNally did “Meet the Dragons” aspect.
    • Sacraments: 1st Penance & Service of Light complete. Confirmation & Communion coming up shortly.
    • 5th & 6th class made trip to Armagh Planetarium due to win in competition by D McElroy.
    • Kingspan Innovation Centre has invited 4th, 5th & 6th classes on a tour there at the end of March.
    • Catechist visit went very well.
    • 3 Medals won in Cavan Handball competition.
    • Soccer – 5-a-side blitz this month for both boys & girls.
    • Bike Green finished their programme.
    • Swimming to commence for all classes from 1st to 6th from March 7th in Navan.
    • Quizzes – 2nd in both Credit Union and Cumann na mBunscol quiz. Have qualified for the Ulster’s.
    • Spelling Bee in April.
    • Seachtain na Gaeilge ar súil ar 6th lá de mhí Marta.
    • 2 student placements planned in the coming week.
    • Green flag work is continuing. Now being coordinated by Úna Swinburne

Agreed Report to Parents December 2022

  • New amendment to Admissions Policy. This can be viewed on our website.
  • New Sustainable Environment Policy to be drafted in the New Year.
  • School Self Evaluation looking at area of Spelling in English.
  • Literacy Lift Off completed in Rang 1 this year.
  • School events:
  • Language Connect – French taught in 8 week programme from 3rd– 6th
  • Parent-Teacher meetings completed – full attendance and positive feedback.
  • Masses – Giving Mass and Mass of Remembrance done.
  • Parent Association organised clothes collection; guest speaker; doing collection night at Christmas concert.
  • Catechist Maureen Fanning to visit school
  • Cycling Programme to be completed by Christmas
  • GAA/Tag rugby coaching took place
  • Halloween Assembly took place of whole school under guidance of Ms Campbell. Christmas Assembly will take place on day of holidays.
  • Student Council working under guidance of Una Swinburne.
  • School Panto “Sleeping Beauty” performed in front of whole school
  • Santa visiting on 21st December – organised by Parent Association.
  • 4th, 5th & 6th class doing school play.

Agreed Report to Parents September 2022

  • Mr Óran Kiernan teaching 4th & 5th class this year.
  • Ms Nicola Smith covering Ms McNally’s maternity leave.
  • Enrolment – 140 in the school this year.
  • A number of jobs were completed over the summer.
  • Set up of garden at the back of the school.
  • Classroom now being connected into library-PA involved in design & layout.
  • A full Child Protection & Safeguarding review P.A and Patron notified.
  • Full Anti-Bullying review took place.
  • Treasurer’s report-Accounts reviewed.
  • Covid Procedures – Some mitigation ,like handwashing/ventilation still in place
  • School events:
  • School tours took place
  • Sports Day
  • Mini-Football league
  • Cross Country training after school
  • Tag Rugby
  • Swimming to commence
  • Cherri & Aonghus to participate in teaching French as a second language.
  • Cycling lessons takings place this term.
  • Literacy Lift Off to take place with 1st class this month.
  • Parents Association AGM taking place this week
  • Junior Entrepreneur competition signed up to.

Agreed Report to Parents March 2022

  • School accounts were submitted to FSSU by an independent accountant as required.
  • Covid Restrictions lifted on February 28th. Still measures in place such as ventilation and hand hygiene.
  • The 2nd Child Protection Inspection was completed. Schools found to be fully compliant.  Very positive report published on DES website.
  • Significant amount of IT equipment to be purchased.
  • Enrolment week took place. There will be a meeting with new parents in May.
  • The Parents Association organised 3 events: Cake Sale, Clothes Collection & Family Walk.
  • Sponsored Walk to take place on April 8th
  • School events:
    • 1st Penance
    • Seachtain na Gaeilge
    • Confirmation Preparation
    • Swimming for 4th, 5th & 6th classes
    • GAA coaching with Benny
    • Christmas Events
    • Visitor for Bio-Diversity Green Flag
    • Student Council – 2 competitions in the school
    • General sport starting up again

Agreed Report to Parents December 2021

  • The large amount of recent information was discussed. There has been close to 100% compliance with mask regulations. Also circulars on antigen testing and contact tracing were discussed.
  • A Level 1 Child Protection Inspection took place. The feedback was very positive from all the stakeholders.  The second part of the inspection will take place in January.
  • The AUP in the school was reviewed and adapted.
  • The Admission Notice for enrolment will be put up on the website in the coming days.
  • The Parents Association had a number of successful activities over recent weeks.
    • Clothes Collection
    • Christmas Cards
  • There will be a training day for staff on Friday on the PLC from 1-3.
  • Student Council is once again holding meetings
  • For Christmas, there will be In Class activities and Santa will be visiting on the last day with the help of the P.A.
  • School events:
    • Cycling/GAA have proven to be very successful
    • Online Panto for kids
    • Parent/Teacher meetings were held remotely with very positive feedback

Agreed Report to Parents September 2021

  • Child Protection Annual Review took place.
  • Review of Code of Behaviour/Anti-Bullying policy took place.
  • Treasurer’s report-Accounts reviewed.
  • Covid Procedures – New guidelines have been implemented with regard to Close Contacts.
  • Enrolment – Currently 140 now enrolled in school.
  • Building Works (Summer Works) completed on toilets over the summer.
  • After school club – to continue in old school.
  • School events:
    • Sacraments
    • GAA Coaching
    • Green Flag
    • Tag Rugby

Agreed Report Meeting 31st May 2021

  • Covid Procedures have worked successfully thus far in the school.
  • Sponsored Walk will go ahead next month.
  • Permission has been given to summer camps once the Board is furnished with Covid Plan for its running.
  • Dates have been received for Sacramental Classes.
  • School Events included – Treasure Island Play online for children, GAA Coaching going ahead, P. Faulkner in with trophies, Easter Egg Hunt, Green Flag Action Week.
  • Maths Plan Reviewed and Adopted.
  • Standardised Testing to go ahead in June.
  • Car Park – representatives to be contacted in relation to seeking funding.

Agreed Report to Parents March 2021

  • Return to School/Covid Procedures: The Board adopted all minor amendments to plan. Will continue to rigorously adhere to protocols.
  • Remote Learning: Board discussed work done remotely by staff over the las 2 months of remote learning. Praised staff & parents for instructions on Zoom, Seesaw & Aladdin.
  • Bus/After School care: Protocols related to Covid also examined.

Agreed Report to Parents December 2020

  • The Child Protection oversight report was completed. The Board has discussed further training.
  • The Stay Safe Programme will be completed by Christmas.
  • The Board continues to monitor its Covid Plans whose implementation has been successful thus far.
  • A Health and Safety Audit was carried out in the school. The Board has undertaken to review its recommendations in consultation with Antifyre.
  • Parent-Teacher meetings were carried out over 3 weeks via phone call.
  • The school has acquired a number of extra pieces of IT equipment including and Interactive Touch Screen for the senior room.
  • The Acceptable Use Policy was discussed and ratified.
  • Parents Association – A. Byrne discussed the possibility of holding the AGM remotely in the New Year.
  • Sacramental classes – Confirmation will take place for last year’s 6th class on Friday December 18th
  • School events:
    • GAA coaching
    • Tag Rugby
    • Credit Union Art Competition
    • Christmas preparations

Agreed Report to Parents September 2020

  • Staff, the Board and parents were all commended for the successful reopening of the school so far. While challenging, it was preferable to remote learning.
  • Ms Christina McDonnell, Ms Angela McCarthy & Ms Yvonne Carolan were welcomed to the staff.
  • The following policies were ratified and are available on the school website; Child Protection, Code of Behaviour and Health & Safety. The Board completed its annual Child Protection review.
  • The Parent Association AGM has been postponed for the moment.
  • Enrolment in the school is at 135.
  • Book Rental scheme – there was significant expenditure this summer.
  • School events:
    • GOAL Jersey Day
    • Maths Week
    • Oíche Shamhna
    • GAA & Tag Rugby coaching

Agreed Report to Parents August 2020  

  • This meeting discussed all the relevant guidelines from the Department of Education & HSE, and looked at how it is to be implemented.
  • School Covid Response Plan
  • Checklist
  • Communication to School Community
  • School events:
    • Communion on August 22nd
    • Graduation Ceremony took place on July 2nd
    • Confirmation will be in Autumn.

Agreed Report to Parents June 2020  

  • School was closed on March 12th due to Covid 19. Staff immediately took steps to teach children beginning with packs sent home.  Interactive learning began 2 weeks before Easter break with the following methods used:
  1. Website – work posted up for week every Sunday night by each individual teacher for the whole class.
  2. Email of all teachers provided to send back work, which was corrected, advice for parents.
  3. Voiced lessons from teachers in areas such as reading, Irish & Music.
  4. Availability of different texts/websites/resources made know to all the parents
  5. Seesaw app used in the Junior Classes
  6. Zoom lessons with senior classes 2/3 times a week.
  7. Work published on website
  8. Phone call to all families to reassure, see how children are getting on, answer queries.
  9. Pupils with further educational needs receiving individualised packs from both teachers and support teachers. The feedback from families has been very positive and appreciative.
  • 6th class graduation will go ahead on July 2nd. It will follow HSE guidelines.
  • Book rental: There are a huge amount of book rental books in home, and we will be organising their collection soon.
  • Admissions Policy, discussed by and read by Board.
  • Class splits policy – discussed current & alternative policies. Agreed to split class by age and to review again next year.
  • School events:
    • End of year reports to be distributed.
    • Confirmation and Communion put on hold.
    • Start of year for students to be September 1st

Agreed Report to Parents March 2020  

  • Child Protection Oversight Report now complete.
  • New Admissions Policy draft to be sent to Patron before April 30th
  • Board of Management training to take place in 3 weeks’ time for all members of the Board.
  • Accounts for year 2018/2019 audited and sent to the FSSU as required.
  • All schools to work on advice from HSE on Covid 19 virus.
  • SSE continuing with spelling and handwriting.
  • Opening of new play area will now take place on April 3rd 2020 at 10am.
  • Many thanks to Gyproc Saint-Gobain on donation of laptops to all the classrooms.
  • New Health & Safety Audit to be undertaken on completion of new build. & play area.
  • School events:
    • First Penance was a fantastic occasion. Many thanks to Ms Campbell on all her work.
    • Well done to quiz teams in the Credit Union who came 2nd & 4th
    • Debating team under Ms Quinn got to the County final – a fantastic achievement.
    • Lego workshop was a great success.
    • Seachtain na Gaeilge to take place next week.
    • Youth Choir did a great job under the guidance of Karen Smith.

Agreed Report to Parents December 2019  

  • The newly constituted Board of Management met. Chairperson is Ciara Walsh.  Leon Duffy was elected treasurer.  The Board also consists of: Aonghus Byrne; Cherri Campbell; Jacqui Lynch; Joe McCabe; Robert Jones & Laura Reilly. All Board members were thanked for volunteering their services to help in the critical role of running and managing the school.
  • School Improvement Plan: Spelling and handwriting are continuing to be looked at. The plan will be published on the school website.
  • Finance: The ePayment scheme in now functioning under the Aladdin system.
  • Staffing: Ms Sarah Galligan will be in as a substitute teacher for Ms McNally.
  • School events:
    • Football teams, boys participated in league, girls were training.
    • Futsal for 3rd & 4th
    • Cross country- Bus load of athletes brought
    • Swimming Gala – squad of 20 going
    • Green Flag- new committee up and running with Ms McNally
    • Debate – Team won 2nd debate with Ms Quinn
    • Maths Week
    • Science Week
    • Play in school – Aladdin, Teachers doing their own Christmas Plays also
    • Parent/Teacher meetings held & were very successful
    • Enrolment week is January 13th
    • Tag rugby blitz for 6th class
    • Parents Association- couple of fundraisers already held.

Agreed Report to Parents September 2019 

  • The School Building has been completed. The Play Area/yard is still to be finished.
  • CCTV/Security – The Board is to purchase CCTV in light of recent anti-social behaviour/attempted break in at the school. Also used as protection to new play area.
  • Ms Swinburne, Ms Marron & Ms McLoughlin have joined the staff. Mrs Farrelly thanked for incredible service to school.
  • Child Protection Review – this was conducted by the Board filling in checklist as required by DES.
  • Code of Behaviour was reviewed and is available on website.
  • Parent Association – outgoing committee thanked. AGM Wednesday 25th
  • School Self Evaluation is focusing on handwriting and spelling.
  • School events:
  • Planning Day
  • Football started for boys & girls
  • Maths week in October.

Agreed Report to Parents May 2019

  • The Fundraising for the new play area went very well. The Camel Race Night was a great success.  Well done to the Committee for its great work.  The total raised this far is €33136.00 less expenses.
  • Standardised Testing is currently taking place in the school. The scores are given out to 2nd, 4th & 6th in the end of year report as required by the Department.
  • School books/Rental scheme was discussed. It was agreed that book rental will cost €25.00.
  • The Digital plan should be in a position to be implemented come September.
  • School building is continuing with the completion date due in August.
  • The reissued SPHE policy was reviewed and accepted. It will be publishing on the school website.
  • School events:
  • Green Flag application was successful.
  • Confirmation & Communion was very successful
  • Write-a-book competition – We had a very large number of winners.
  • GAA- Girls team progressed extremely well and boys won the 7-a-side blitz.
  • Meeting for new Junior Infants parents took place
  • Visit by a Dublin School
  • Graduation Mass June 22nd
  • School tours have begun. Juniors & Seniors in Causey Farm; 1st & 2nd in Crystal Maze; 3rd & 4th to Tanagh and 5th & 6th to Trinity College, Kilmainham Gaol & NAQ.
  • Swimming completed in Bailieborough.

Agreed Report to Parents March 2019

  • Building – School building to commence on March 15th. Meetings have been held with builder/architect with a particular focus on health and safety.  Board agreed that parents need to be informed that no children should be on the school premises before 9:10 in the morning.
  • Fundraising – The Fundraising Committee is meeting every week in the build up to our Camel Race Night on Saturday April 13th in Murtagh’s Bar. We are looking for local community and businesses to support this once off fundraiser.
  • Learning Support policy – Our updated policy was reviewed and ratified. It is available on our website.
  • School events:
  • Green Flag inspection went extremely well
  • Seachtain na Gaeilge underway in the school
  • Swimming moved for this year from Kells to Bailieborough
  • Ms Quinn debating team had another successful outing

IT Grant, hopefully coming soon.

Agreed Report to Parents December 2018

  • Building – We are awaiting the final go-ahead from the Department of Education to commence building our new classroom. We hope to begin early in the new year.
  • Fundraising – We will be looking to begin a fundraising drive in the new year to look for extra funding for the yard/car park facilities.
  • Enrolment – An amended enrolment policy was ratified, this can be seen on the school website.
  • SSE Plan – we are continuing our focus on spelling.
  • SPHE Policy – this is currently under review.
  • Droichead – The new teacher induction programme is being used in the school in the new year.
  • School events:
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Parents Association – cake sale and Christmas Cards
  • Green Flag
  • Maths Week & Science Week
  • Sport – swimming; Tag Rugby; GAA; Futsal; Cross Country.
  • Debating
  • Play
  • Condolences

Agreed Report to Parents September 2018

  • Staffing – Ms Tara Quinn was appointment to the permanent position in the school. She is currently teaching 4th & 5th

Ms Alison McCullagh was appointed to the permanent SNA position.

Ms Rachel Marron is currently covering Junior & Senior Infants.

  • Code of Behaviour – This was reviewed and fully implemented.
  • Enrolment – There are 144 pupils enrolled in the school. A new enrolment policy will have to be implemented over the coming year.
  • SSE – The school is currently doing spelling as part of the School Self Evaluation.
  • Child Protection – A review of our Child Safeguarding Statement was undertaken by the Board in accordance with the CPP.
  • School Policies – The following were reviewed:
  1. a) Critical Incident Policy
  2. b) Digital Strategy
  • School events:
  • Green flag
  • GAA Coach
  • Tag Rugby
  • Parent – teacher meetings in November
  • Presidential Election, school closed October 26th

Agreed Report to Parents May 2018

  • Child Protection Training – Staff have undergone training with regard to new Child Protection procedures. These are available to look at on the website.
  • School Building – Planning permission is in for new extension of one classroom. This is to provide us for 6th teacher next year, as our numbers now entitle us to.  This will not be ready in September so arrangements are being made.
  • GDPR: The BOM has implemented procedures to ensure that the school complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • School Reports/Standardised Tests: these are ongoing and will be completed June.
  • Class splits for next year discussed.
  • Events in the school:
  • Tours
  • Trip to Theatre
  • Sports

Agreed Report to Parents March 2018

  • New Child Protection Procedures have been adopted by the school. The BOM has produced a Child Safeguarding Statement and a Risk Assessment.  The C.S.S. is on the school website.
  • A new Parents as Partners Policy has been ratified by the BOM and is available on the school website.
  • A new Data Protection Policy has been ratified by the BOM as is available on the school website.
  • The School is looking at software and encryption as part of our I.T. Policy.
  • Events in the school:
    • Sponsored Walk
    • Catholic Schools Week
    • Quizzes
    • Swimming

Agreed Report to Parents December 2017

  • Child safety has improved for pupils at 3pm under the new system.  We are still seeking funds for the new car park.
  • All employees of the school are garda vetted as required.
  • Ms Cleary will return at the end of January.  Ms Quinn is moving on at Christmas – we wish her well.
  • Enrolment week takes place January 15th – 19th 2018
  • Code of Behaviour was reviewed and signed off.  It is available to view on the website.
  • Literacy Lift Off has been completed this year.
  • School events discussed:
    • Sport – Tag Rugby, Football, Soccer, Athletics & Swimming
    • Drama – Dr Whittington, 5th & 6th class play.
    • Parents Association – thanked for fantastic role played.

Agreed Report to Parents October 2017

  • The school is in the process of ordering new I.T. equipment for classrooms.  The grant has been provided by the Department of Education and Skills.
  • A number of jobs were carried out over the summer. The outside of the school was painted and some glass was replaced.
  • The Board undertook its annual Child Protection Checklist.  A copy of our Child Protection Policy is available on the school website.
  • The situation with regard to parking was discussed at length.  Our stakeholders would be consulted in relation to proposed changes.  Work is ongoing in terms of a long term solution.
  • Literacy Lift Off and the New Support Model are in operation.
  • Insurance:  Parents will be provided with clarity, that children are not automatically insured in the school in the case of an accident.  That is why individual insurance is offered.

Agreed Report to Parents June 2017

  • School is implementing new I.T. plan – looking to purchase equipment over the summer.
  • Number of Circulars discussed.

(a) Cost Savings circular – to be given to the Parents Association.

(b) Learning Support

(c)  Standardised Tests

  • 21 enrolled for New Junior Infants
  • Job Sharing next year between Ms McEneaney & Ms Burns
  • After School Club review took place
  • Board to explore E-payment option
  • School events
    • Sports day
    • Sacraments
    • Tours
    • Graduation Day
    • End of School Term
    • End of year report
    • Green Flag Ceremony

Agreed Report to Parents December 2016

  • Amended Health and Safety Statement ratified and available on the website.
  • New School Music Plan ratified and available from the school office.
  • New SEN model will commence in 2017.
  • Ms Tara Quinn will be covering maternity leave for Ms Sorcha Cleary.  We wish Ms Cleary all the best with the pending arrival.
  • Enrolment takes place week of 16th – 20 January.
  • New Language Curriculum – In-service day completed. We will begin to implement this in Junior classes.
  • Literacy Lift Off – Intensive language reading initiative completed in 1st class.
  • Sporting and Christmas Events of school – all available on the website.

Agreed Report to Parents September 2016

  • Staffing – Welcome to our new teachers Ms S Hamill and Ms L McNally.
  • Enrolment – We have 21 new Junior Infants & 3 enrolments in other classes.  Current number of students is 132.
  • Health and Safety report – Carried out by Allianz.  All items mentioned are being or have been checked and amended.
  • Parent Association – The AGM is on September 28th.  Outgoing committee thanked for their tremendous work.
  • Child Protection Policy – This underwent an annual review.  It is now available online and in the school office.
  • Tablets – 6 new Ipads purchased so that there is one between 2 in classrooms
  • Green Schools – Theme of Saving Energy for the new flag.
  • Critical Incident policy – Reviewed and adapted.  Again available online and in office.
  • Maths School Plan – reviewed and updated.  Focus on

¨      Mental maths

¨      Termly focus on different areas

¨      Maths language

Again available online or in school office

  • Car park – Safety issues and information with respect to car park discussed.

Agreed Report to Parents March 2016

  • The Board of Management ratified the following policies: Homework Policy, Supervision Policy and School Uniform Policy.
  • These ones are available on our website – all are available from the office.
  • Training for new language curriculum begins before Summer.
  • Sponsored walk will take place on March 16th.
  • After school class takes place on Monday in music.
  • School Events:
    • Proclamation Day
    • Seachtaine na Gaeilge
    • GAA/Swimming
    • Handwriting Competition
    • Muff 2K run
    • 1st Confession
    • Friendship Week.

Agreed Report to Parents December 2015

  • New Board members welcomed to begin their 4 year term.  The full board is: Ciara Walsh – Chairperson.  Jacqui Lynch; Philip Farrelly; Kevin Shiels; Áine Gogarty; John Canavan; Aonghus Byrne; Cherri Campbell
  • Enrolment takes place week of 11th – 15th January.
  • New appendix to Child Protection policy. On website
  • School Self Evaluation doing:

¨      English ? Recount writing

¨      Maths ? Puzzles & games

¨      Music ? Awaiting PDST cuiditheoir.

  • Parent association – acknowledged very active role they are playing
  • New Language curriculum due to begin being implemented in September
  • Eirgrid – awaiting oral hearings.
  • Events of school:

¨      Successful swimming competition.

¨      Great display in soccer blitz/GAA teams.

¨      Medals won at Cross Country.

¨      Football team made big impact with school.

¨      Flag Day was very enjoyable and memorable. Flag presented.

¨      2 trips – National Concert Hall and The Iontas Theatre Castleblaney

¨      Christmas – show by the senior class

¨      Literacy Lift off completed in 1st class

¨      Croke Park hours used for C.P.D., planning, staff meeting, Parent/teacher meetings

Agreed Report to Parents September 2015

  • Summer Works were completed over the holidays.  New fencing was erected around the ball courts.
  • New iPads have been purchased.  These will be in use in classes from this week on.
  • 16 Pupils have been enrolled in Junior Infants this year.
  • With regard to the Child Protection Policy, the annual checklist was completed by the Board.
  • The School Self Evaluation in continuing in the school with Music being the subject evaluated this year.  We are continuing with our maths and english plans.
  • Roll books have now been replaced by computer software making taking the roll more efficient.

Agreed Report to Parents May 2015

  • The Catechist came to the school and visited all the classes.  She was very impressed with all our pupils.
  • Food dudes was a huge success.  Many thanks to Ms Cleary for organising and coordinating same.
  • A Summer Works Grant has been granted to the school.  There will be work done on fencing in the school over the summer.
  • Communion and Confirmation preparations are complete with the Parents Association organising reception in the hall.
  • Staffing; Thank you to Ms Conlan for her wonderful work.  Ms Campbell has been welcomed back.
  • Sponsored walk was very successful.  Over €2500.00 raised.  This will help for art supplies and photocopying etc.

Agreed BOM Report to Parents Sept 2014

  • Enrolment for current Junior Infants is 15.
  • Parent Association AGM was held and a new committee was set-up – Chairperson: Laura Reilly; Secretary: Sharon Shiels; Treasurer: Debbie Morris; Assistance Chairperson: Elaine Fitzsimons; Assistant Secretary: Angela Reilly; Assistant Treasurer: Louise McCormack.  The Board recognised the invaluable work done by the Association in the past year.
  • School Self-Elevation – Year 3 of English plan is underway.  We are commencing our Maths Improvement Plan.  Maths Week takes place from October 13th.
  • Ms Siobhán Conlan is acting as substitute teacher in Ms. Campbell’s class.  We wish her all the best in the role.
  • Following draft policies ratified by Board after a review: Child Protection; Attendance; Code of Behaviour; Health and Safety.  Also looked at Critical Incident Policy.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings to be held in November.

Agreed Report to Parents June 2014

  • The School Self Evaluation process is ongoing with our English plan available to see on the website. We are now in the process of drafting the Maths Improvement Plan.
  • A check was carried out by the Board with regard to the legislation required under the Self Evaluation Process.
  • Enrolment of new Junior Infants next year will be 14 pupils.
  • A discussion on the upcoming events in the school took place – most of this information is available in the June Newsletter.

Meeting November 26th 2013 – Agreed Report to Parents

  • A new amended English School plan was ratified by the Board of Management.
  • An Anti-Bullying draft plan base on new Department guidelines was discussed and ratified by the Board.
  • The minister & local representative have been contacted by the principal expressing concerns over the construction by Eigrid of pylons.
  • A Green Flag initial application has been sent in for consideration.
  • Self Evaluation in English is ongoing with regard to writing.  Maths is the next subject that will be examined.
  • The Board was informed of a busy programme up until Christmas.

Meeting September 24th 2013 – Agreed Report to Parents

  • The standardised testing report for the Department was discussed in some detail.
  • Work has been completed on both the school gates and the drainage percolation area. The pitch will be in operation from next Spring to allow the grass adequate time to grow.
  • The Book Rental Scheme has been significantly increased this year and we will look to continue to so in the future.
  • Enrolment for the new Junior Infant class was 15 pupils meaning there are now 120 pupils in the school.
  • A new P. Association Committee was elected at the AGM. The outgoing committee were thanked for their efforts over the last twelve months.
  • The framework for a new Anti – Bullying Policy was discussed with specific focus on the  duties of the board.
  • School Self – Evaluation Plan discussed for both English and Maths.