School Improvement Plan in English

Our School improvement plan in English has been focused on writing in this 3 year cycle.  In particular, we have looked at the various writing genres that pupils write in:

Here are the 6 we are focusing on:

  • Poetry
  • Recount
  • Report
  • Instrumental
  • Persuasive
  • Narrative/Creative

The school focuses on one of these each term and monitors the progress of children.  Stories are published in classrooms and on the website.  Each term the school will let parents know via the newsletter, which genre is being worked on.  Parents can find useful tools related to these on the website.


School Improvement Plan in Maths


The Staff has put together a maths improvement plan which we hope to implement over the coming years.  We gathered information through surveys of parents and pupils, and teachers knowledge of pupils & tests.

It has been decided to focus on problem solving for the coming years.  We already had a hugely successful maths week and over the coming months hope to disseminate further information with regard to the process.

  • Each term we would focus on one aspect of maths/problem solving, similar to what we do in English writing. Here is a draft proposal of what we would do for the next 18 months or so. These are absolutely open to changing around.
    • Rest of this term – Worded Problems – can use Apex Maths as  a resource. Other workbooks/worksheets, eg. Maths Challenge.
    • Summer Term 2015 – Maths Trails.
    • Term 1 next year – Puzzles and Games
    • Term 2 next year – Practical Tasks
    • Term 3 next year – Investigations/Projects
  • Mental maths will be done for 10 minutes each day, at least 3 times a week.
  • In terms of a common approach to problem solving, we emphasised the importance of estimation.
  • We will continue with our Maths Week which was a great success last year.

Other aspects will also be examined.