Laragh 2 (Muff) N.S. Attendance Policy

Under the Education Welfare Act (2000) you must make sure that your child attends school regularly. When your child is absent from school for any reason you must notify the school of the reasons for the absence.

The Child and Family Agency, Tusla is responsible for promoting and monitoring school attendance. The school must inform Tusla when a pupil is absent for more than 20 days in a school year or when a pupils is not attending regularly.

The attendance in the school in the main is excellent with a 96.5% attendance overall over the academic year. To maintain this high standard the following points will be adhered to.

  • Rewards in attendance for those who have excellent attendance with prizes for those who go through the school year without missing a day. Also prizes for those who miss just one day. Names announced in newsletter and on website.
  • Parents are requested to write notifying the teacher of the reason for a child’s absence on the child’s return. The teacher notes the reason for the absence.
  • If a child is missing days regularly with unsatisfactory explanations, the principal will contact the parents to remind them that the school is obliged to contact Tusla if the child misses 20 days. They will also be informed of the problems caused by missing days regularly.
  • If this persists over the school year, the parents will be asked to come into the school to discuss the matter.
  • Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer to another primary school will be passed to the Principal of the school by post as soon as we receive written notification of transfer.
  • Attendance, behaviour and academic records of children who transfer to Laragh 2 NS will be sought directly from the previous school.

Roll Book: Each teacher now has their own roll book. This will be called before 10 am each morning.

A record of attendance will also be kept on the Aladdin system in the office.

Policy last reviewed: Sept 2014