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Green School Action Day February 28th 2017

Raising our 1st Green Flag





Green Flag: Some members of our Green School Committee went recently to Dublin to collect our Green Flag. It was a fantastic day for all and we will be having a small flag raising ceremony for the pupils and the committee in the coming weeks.




Green Flag: We recently had a visit from Eamon Costello from Cavan County Council in relation to our Green Flag application. The visit was a huge success with Eamon very impressed with all that was happening in the school. This is due to the great work of the Green School Committee which is driven on by the efforts of the pupils. A special word of thanks to the parents and indeed grandparents, who, as part of the committee, did such sterling work throughout the year. The school looks all the better for it and most importantly, the attitudes and behaviours of the students towards their environment is of a very positive nature.

One aspect that was pointed out to us is that tin foil is one of the largest waste components from schools. This can be cut down on by the use of lunch boxes. We are waiting to hear in the next couple of months if our application will warrant a Green Flag before the end of term. In the meantime the school will continue to foster positive attitudes.




3rd and 4th class day trip to Mc  Elvaneys Waste and Recycling Plant

Our Green News letter
20th November 2013
Recycling Competition.
Currently our school is having a competition to see which class can recycle the most. You can recycle batteries, rings and phone that are ready for recycling. You get different points for each of the items you recycle. You also get points for going to a recycling centre.
Weighing bins:
A few weeks ago, 5th and 6th class were busily weighing bins around the school. Soon we will be weighing our bins again to see if our school has improved.
Compost bins:
In a short while we will bring a compost bin into the school premises. This will encourage younger students to put banana skins and apple cores into these bins so we can reuse them.
Clothes collection:
Last week the Parents Association held a clothes collection. They ended up with bundles of clothes which altogether weighed 645 kilogram’s.
Motto’s Competition:
On Thursday 21st November, 5th & 6th class will be having a competition to see which motto we choose for our Green School Campaign. Students will come up with their own motto’s. The winning entry will be the motto for our Green School campaign.