Laragh 2 Muff NS Internet Policy Draft Plan

  • The school recognises the internet as an essential learning tool for children to have access to in school.
  • The school uses the Primary School PDST server. This ensures that no inappropriate material can be accessed online.
  • No phones are allowed in the school for pupils.
  • There is a laptop for each teacher in each classroom. These provide access to the internet as a whole class grouping. Teachers need to exercise caution when researching some information while it is on display eg. On interactive whiteboard.
  • Teachers should only use the internet for professional purposes. It is not for personal use. It should only be used as part of a lesson.
  • IPads are also available for the pupils to use in pairs.
  • Any use of the internet on IPads should be monitored carefully by the teacher. They should under no circumstances be left unsupervised with them.
  • Any misuse of the internet should be reported immediately to the principal.
  • Parents are reminded constantly of the dangers of the internet and talks are held with them to give advice on how best to ensure that it is used safely.

Pupils are taught explicitly about the dangers of being on the internet, communicating, viewing inappropriate material etc.