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Letter to Communion Class 2020

Letter to 6th class parents about confirmation

Information & Homework June 8th-12th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I would like to thank so many of you for sending pictures and videos to us of your Sports Day exploits. There were some fantastic pictures of the various activities and we will put some of these on the website over the coming days. If you haven’t already done so, please send them on. This week on Friday we will be having a Creative Arts day linking in with Cruinniú na nÓg which takes place on Saturday nationwide. This is a National Day of creativity for young people across the country with a whole host of free activities planned for the day. Details are all available on – line. We would again love if you could send on pictures to us of the pieces of art etc. that you get to do.

Next week we will be giving you details on the return of school rental books. There has been a lot of money spent on these over recent years and it is imperative that we get them all back. We would ask that this week the children ensure that all their books are gathered in a safe and orderly manner at home ready to be delivered back to the school over the next week or two.

Below we have laid out the school calendar for the coming year. Please note that this is provisional and may be subject to change. We don’t know yet from the government what the plans are for next year but hope to hear shortly so we can begin to make plans accordingly.

Finally, I will be in touch with the 6th class soon about end of year arrangements. One item I will ask all pupils from 6th and their parents to do is fill in the forms for secondary school titled “My Child as a Learner” and “My Personal Profile”. They are set out in their weeks work and also on the NCCA website. These are compulsory forms and form part of their Education Passport. Please ensure that they are emailed back to me at the earliest possible opportunity.

Finally, have a good week and I hope that you are all beginning to enjoy the little bit more freedom that we now have.

Year 2020 – 2021 Calendar


Week 11 Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 11

Week 11 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Week 11 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 11 Ms Campbell

Creative Arts Day

Week 11 Miss Galligan

Senior Infants Homework June 8

Junior Infants Homework June 8

Information & Homework June 2nd-5th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying the fine weather. Please find below the menu of work for pupils for the coming week. This week we are having our Virtual Sports Day and again you will find a link below directing you to a whole range of activities. We have timetabled the day for Friday, the forecast for which isn’t too bad. If Friday doesn’t suit you, you can do the activities on a different day. Parents can send photos and/or short videos of children engaging in different activities to or to their own teacher’s email.

As usual, we would ask you to send in your child’s work to the appropriate teachers’ email. Have a good week and enjoy the Sports Day!

Virtual Sports Day Activities-Junior


Week 10 Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 10

Wk 10 – 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Wk 10 – 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 10 Ms Campbell

Week 10 Miss Galligan

Maths Miss Galligan

Senior Infants Homework June 2

Junior Infants Homework 2 June


Information & Homework 25th-29th May

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping well. Today we have not given out any work to pupils for Monday as this has given some teachers the opportunity to distribute some books that might help with work over the coming weeks. The menu of work has been set for Tuesday on. An item of major importance for the school is the return of school rental books. We have a list of exactly what books each class should have and we will set aside specific times for their return later on in June. If there are readers, school books that are finished or teachers have specifically requested their return, they can be brought back today. But the vast majority will be returned over a number of days before the holidays.

June is always a time of year in school where we engaged in a number of fun activities from school tours to Sports Day. Obviously these have been cancelled but from the week starting the 2nd of June on we are looking to take one day each week to engage in a fun learning activity. They will be held each Friday and the timetable, weather permitting, will look like this:

Friday June 5th: Virtual Sports Day; Friday June 12th Science/Nature Day; Thursday June 18th Creative Arts Day: We hope that these will allow the children to engage in fun school activities separately but as part of the whole school community. We will give more details of these closer to the time of each event.

End of Year Reports:   These will be posted out later in June. They will be based on how your child got on this year in class up to March the 12th although they may reference some aspects of the Remote Learning Experience.

Book Lists/Classes for next year:   The book lists for next year and the class composition with regard to their make – up will be released at the same time as the reports. There will be details of the book rental scheme attached as well.

Zoom Lessons:   Our three senior rooms have been engaging in Zooms lessons each week. Thus far they have been very successful and I want to congratulate both parents/guardians and pupils for their exemplary behaviour. They have been outstanding. We are introducing the following draft guidelines for pupils to continue to follow.

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Be aware of your surroundings
  3. Mute your microphone when the teacher asks you to or if there is background noise.
  4. Leave keyboard alone
  5. Be respectful
  6. Don’t engage in chat function
  7. No food
  8. Stay seated and present
  9. Be patient – this is new for everyone!

Community Games Art:   We had great success in the recent Community Games Art Competition. Here is a list of the medal winners:

U-8 Girls: 1st Cáitlín Canavan; 2nd Aoibheann McCabe.

U-10 Girls: 3rd Nicole Lay

U-14 Girls: 2nd Sinead Carolan; 3rd Sophie Tully.

U-8 Boys: 1st Jack Taylor

U-10 Boys: 1st Liam Fitzsimons; 2nd Philip Curtis; 3rd Senan McCormack

U-12 Boys: 1st Aidan Curtis; 3rd Fionn Canavan

U-14 Boys: 1st Niall Gogarty; 2nd Nathan Sheridan; 3rd Liam Raymond.

Also those who would to make items from recycled paper or magazines, can click on the following video link to follow instructions:

6th Class Graduation:   Unfortunately this is not able to happen in its usual form. We are going ahead with the Graduation Yearbook however. We will look at the various options going forward and will inform you of any developments in the future.

We hope you have a good week. If there are any queries about any of the work left below, please contact the teacher via e mail. Keep up the quality of the work sent in.


Week 9 – Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 9

Wk 9 4th Class Miss Swinburne

Wk 9 3rd Class Miss Swinburne

Week 9 Ms Campbell

Week 9 Miss Galligan

Senior Infants Homework May 25

Junior Infants Homework 25 May

Distribution of school books.

Dear Parent/Guardian.

This Monday we will be distributing books/materials to help with your child’s learning for the remainder of the year. We would ask families to follow the timetable below when collecting books from the school. We would ask parents to park in the car park and walk to the school where they will be met outside by members of staff. We would obviously ask everybody to follow all guidelines from the HSE on Social Distancing. Each parent can gather all of their children’s books when they arrive. So for example if you have children in 1st, 3rd and 5th, you arrive at the time allocated for your youngest child (1st class in this case) and you will be given all three of your children’s books. We would ask you to take great care of these.

Also if your child is finished with some school rental books, they can be returned in appropriate boxes under the direction of class members. Please only return books that you are sure your child will no longer need (finished readers for example). We would ask you to make every effort to organize pick up of the books at your scheduled time. If you have to bring children with you, please ensure they stay in the car. If you can’t make the time given, please email the main school email address,, and we will try to organize a time later that day.

Children will have no work to do on the Monday so as to accommodate the collection of these books but will be given work for the remainder of the week.

Monday the 25th of May:

10:00 – 10:45 Ms. Marron’s class.

10:45 – 11:20 Ms. Galligan’s class.

11:20 – 11:50 Ms. Campbell’s class.

11:50 -12:10 Ms. Swinburne’s class.

12:10 – 12:30 Ms. Quinn’s class.

12:30 – 12:50 Mr. Byrne’s class.

Information & Homework May 18th-22nd

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope you are all keeping well. All of the teachers have set out a menu of work for the coming week. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting the relevant teacher. The volume of work that is submitted to us is a great signal of the tremendous work that you are putting in with your child, despite the numerous challenges that families face presently. We hope that you can keep this going for the coming weeks.

Teachers are able to access the building this week and this will enable us to prepare work from now until the end of the year for your children. Teachers will then be in a position to give out books, change readers, hand out photocopies etc. All parents can come to the school if they so wish on Monday the 25th of May. We will make a timetable for the various class groupings and will ensure that parents can collect all their children’s books at one time. There will be further information given out on this on Thursday/Friday of this week. We will make every effort to accommodate everybody and ensure that this process follows all social distancing and HSE guidelines.

Below I have also put up a short note for the parents of 6th class pupils with regard to the completion of the Relationship and Sexuality Programme for all the pupils in the class.

Finally a special word to both our Communion and Confirmation classes. Both may have been a little disappointed that they missed out on their big day over the last week. It will take place in the future and will be an even more special event when it does. Have a good week everybody!

Week 8 Mr Byrne May 18th – 22nd ’20

RSE Letter

Ms Quinn’s class work week 8

Wk 8 4th Class – Ms Swinburne

Wk 8 3rd Class -Ms Swinburne

Week 8 Ms Campbell

Homework 18 May Ms Galligan

Senior Infants Homework 18 May

Homework May 18 Junior Infants


Information & Homework May 11th-15th

Dear Parent/Guardian,
I hope all is well as we head into another week of work. The staff have left their menu of work below for all the classes. One thing many parents have reported back to me is how teachers providing feedback has really given their child a boost with regard to their work. We will continue to do so and would encourage parents to send on any work requested by the class/support teachers.

Schools have now been informed that staff will be able to access the building from the 18th of May.  This will allow us next week to come into our classes and begin preparing books, folders of work etc. for all the pupils for the remainder of the school year. We will begin to distribute these books the following week in a safe and organised manner. We will provide details to all families about the arrangements for this beforehand.

Fr. Gerry would also like to thank all the sacramental classes for their prayers and artwork they have given last week. Pupils can still send these into Fr. Gerry via email at

If you have any query about anything regarding your child’s progress, please contact the school teacher at the e mail addresses listed below or the school on 087 1772709. Have an enjoyable week.


Week 7 – Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 7

Wk 7 – 3rd Class Ms Swinburne

Wk 7 – 4th Class Ms Swinburne

Week 7 Mrs Campbell

Week 7 Miss Galligan

Senior Infants Homework 11 May 2020

Junior Infants Homework 11 May 2020

Art Work

All new Art Work available to view on the May & June 2020 section to the left.

Information & Homework May 5th – 8th

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As I am sure you are all aware of now, schools have been told that they will not be able to reopen until September. This is obviously news that none of us wanted to hear but we will have to just continue to adapt as best we can to the situation. From the quality and the amount of work that has come into teachers via the various tools we have provided, it is clear that many of you are doing a remarkable job in very challenging circumstances. This will benefit your children come next year and we ask that you all continue to do your best in the next number of weeks. Remember to look at the list of work provided as a menu of work. If you have any queries, please contact your teacher via the email addresses given.

We as a staff are very anxious to be able to access the school building so as to change books, resources etc. and organise for parents to pick up and drop off different school books in a safe and organised manner. As soon as we get confirmation that we can do so, we will let you know. We would ask that the school books the children currently have are looked after. The vast majority of these are school rental books and both the school and parents have contributed a lot of money to these over the last number of years.

We have attached a letter from Fr. Gerry with regard to the First Holy Communion pupils.  We would ask all parents of 2nd class pupils to read this letter closely.

We have been very lucky with the weather and it has been fantastic to see photos sent in of a number of pupils involved in learning with regard to outdoor activities like gardening, farming, sport etc. We also have received a huge amount of artwork which is available to view on the website. Please continue to engage in these very important activities. Wishing you all a healthy and happy week.

First Holy Communion 2020-Letter From Fr Gerry


Week 6 – Mr Byrne

Ms Quinn’s class work week 6

Week 6 4th Class Ms Swinburne

Week 6 3rd Class Ms Swinburne

Week 6 Ms Campbell

Homework 5th May -Ms Galligan

Senior Infants Homework 5 May

Junior Infants Homework 5 May 2020

Admissions Policy

Please note our new Draft Admissions Policy, as required by the Department and the Patron,  is now available to view in our School Policies section.  Any queries, please contact the school.

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