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Parents Association AGM

The Parents Association will be hosting their AGM in the school hall in a-Covid Compliant manner-on Wednesday 29th September at 7pm.  This is the 1st AGM in 2 years, so we are especially asking all those new parents who have joined the school in the last 2 years to please play an active role in the Parents Association.  The Parents Association plays an essential part in our school life and gives an important voice to all parents.  Once you have a child enrolled in the school, you are automatically a member of the P.A.  What we would like is to have active members.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

Meet our Junior Infants

Information Note for Parents August 31st 2021

Welcome back to everybody after the summer which we hope was both restful and enjoyable.  Schools are reopening and will continue to operate in much the same way as they did in June.  There will be class bubbles, pods, hygiene measures, staggered departures and protocols around issues such as unwell children and visitors to the school.  Nevertheless, we are in a better position hopefully with the vaccination programme having such a strong uptake.  Above all we will be looking to continue to educate your child in a safe and happy environment where they can reach their potential.  In this note we try to give you as much information as we can in preparing your child for the day to day running of the school. Apologies for the delay in issue, but the school had a number of IT difficulties.

Sick Child:   It is absolutely imperative that if your child has a cough, has a high temperature, has difficulty breathing or has a loss of smell or taste, is suffering from fatigue or has bodily aches and pains that they do not come to school under any circumstances. Generally the rule is that children who are unwell should stay off school and medical advice be sought.  Children have been diagnosed with Covid with symptoms such as a headache or a sore throat.  This is hugely important part of keeping everyone safe and well and the school functioning properly.

If your child does develop symptoms while at school, there is a strict protocol in place. Your child will be brought to an isolation room by a member of staff and you will be called to pick up your child immediately. Please ensure that we have all your up to date contact details. In the event of a positive case we alert the HSE and the HSE takes over and manages the situation. This again is laid out clearly for all schools. All decisions made after that are made by the HSE with the school cooperating fully. The HSE is also very clear that confidentiality of the patient is extremely important and we would ask for parents’ understanding in this.

Arrival to and Departure from School:   We are asking parents again to maintain the guidelines that we had in place last year.  Children should not arrive on the yard before 9:05 when there will be supervision in place.  The key points are that when arriving, children should be accompanied by a parent/guardian. We would ask all adults to wear face coverings, maintain social distance and not congregate in groups. The children will be directed by staff to their class bubbles and subsequently to their classrooms. In the mornings, the bus needs to turn at the car park so we would ask parents to move from the car park in a timely fashion.

For the first week, Junior Infants will be collected a minute or two before 12:30.  When leaving at 2:00, Junior Infant and Senior Infant children will be brought down to the school gate. Again, parents should not wait at the gate but rather come over when they see their class coming down.

For the rest of the classes going home, it will be a staggered departure from 2:55 onwards. It will begin with 1st class at 2:55. When a parent picks up a child, they must walk them to their car. They cannot wait at the gate for siblings. Instead they must walk over and back for each individual child that they are picking up and only when the class arrives down the school gate. This will obviously take a few minutes with the last class out at about 3:05.

Children who travel on the bus will go straight to the bus. We again ask for your understanding in this matter. Cyclists wait at the gate until the majority of traffic has dispersed.

We would ask that all parents and guardians adhere to the car parking policy in the school.  We would remind you that nobody should park directly across from the school or in front of the school gate either in the morning or afternoon.  Neither should you park where the traffic cones are laid out.  We would ask all drivers to exercise extreme caution in and around the school gate and car park.

Uniforms:   Children should wear the full school uniform as usual. Common sense should be used in washing the uniform regularly. PE days are on Wednesday and we would ask children to wear a school tracksuit top and plain navy tracksuit bottoms. The top can be ordered via the school, and Gillian will send home an order form later this week. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled.

With regard to shoes and runners, we would ask that pupils wear Velcro versions unless they know how to tie laces. Also ensure that children are able to manage their coats/jackets independently.

Books/School Rental:   Children are to bring their school books as per usual. They will not be swapping books around daily and we will have procedures in place before they take home new books etc. If you have not paid the school book rental yet for the year, we would ask you to do this in the coming weeks.

Stationary:   Children should have all their own stationary with them as again they will not be permitted to lend or borrow from others. All items should be clearly labelled. Children have been provided with their own basket in class to store their books.

Lunches:   Children can bring lunches in lunchboxes. It is very important that the boxes are washed daily. We would also ask that children are given a lunch that they can manage independently – items such as frubes and yogurts should be avoided. Children should have their own drink. We would remind you that we have a healthy eating policy in the school and that children should not have bars, sweets, fizzy drinks etc.  In keeping with our Green School policy, we ask parents not to use tinfoil, but to use reusable lunch boxes or containers.

For the first number of weeks, we are going to allow children time to eat all their lunch inside the class so as not to bring food onto the yard.

P.E.:  P.E. will take place each Wednesday for all classes. It will take place outside as much as possible. We are awaiting word on what, if any, out of school competitions will be going ahead this year.  Hopefully we will be able at some stage to return to these

important events in the lives of our children.

As part of P.E., we are hopeful to continue with our GAA coaching in the school.  Also in September we are delighted to resume our cycling safety programme with Mr Byrnes class.  This will run for 6 weeks and then Ms Marron’s class will get their go.  We will send a note out shortly with regard to the cost etc.

Yard:   Each class bubble will be given their own section on yard to play on. They will be required to stay in this section with their own bubble. The split 5th class will come together at this time. The 5th/6th class bubble will be the big pitch. There are times when this pitch can be quite wet. Therefore all 5th and 6th class students will be allowed to bring in a spare pair of socks to change into if the conditions are wet.

Teaching and Learning:   Pupils, parents and teachers put a huge amount of work in in the last year to try and catch up after two prolonged closures.  We will continue to focus on the important basics of the core subjects in the coming weeks.  There will no homework for the month of September again.  We found this very beneficial as teachers and we know that parents also found it very helpful.  We may be asking the children to read at home over the month.

Staffing:   We are delighted to welcome back Ms Marron who will be teaching the 4th/5th class for the year.

Junior Infants/Senior Infants – Ms McNally

1st & 2nd Class – Ms. Campbell

3rd – Ms. Swinburne

4th/5th – Ms. Marron

5th/6th: Mr. Byrne


Visiting the School/Communication:   The rule for all schools is that nobody can come to the school without having made an appointment with the office that is then approved by the principal.  Gillian will be in the office five days a week if you need to make a call. If you are coming to the school to pick up a child for an appointment for example, you will have to wait outside while your child is collected.

As part of remote learning it was very useful to parents and teachers alike to be able to contact each other via email.  Now though we would ask that all contact be made via the office or by a written note to the teacher.  You can obviously still email the school for general enquiries at The other email addresses are no longer in use.

Sacraments:   First Holy Communion takes place this Saturday September 4th in Kingscourt Church at 1pm.  The will be more details given out during the week.  Like last year, it will be a simple but prayerful and memorable occasion.  Confirmation will take place for last year’s 6th class on Sunday October 3rd.

Insurance:  We are providing an opportunity for parents to avail of Pupil Personal Accident Insurance. We would highly recommend that you take this up as a number of families have found it beneficial over the years. The note attached explains what is involved. Price for the insurance is either €4.80 or €7.20 depending on what type of cover you want. It is optional. If you want this insurance, please complete, sign and date application form (a hard copy of which will be sent home with your child tomorrow) and pay via Aladdin or cash. (Preferably Aladdin Online Payments)

After School Club: The afterschool will re-open on Monday 30th August @ 2pm. All Covid-19 safety measures will remain the same as before the summer break. Due to these restrictions spaces will be limited. The after school will implement the same seating arrangements as the school to limit contact.  Parents/ caregivers are asked not to enter the after school. Children will be brought to the gate and pick up will be in accordance with the school system. If your child needs to be picked up early please call ahead and they will be brought to you. Masks must be worn at all times.  All snacks must be manageable for your child – no hot meals can be served until further notice.  No toys/games should be brought in from home.

The after school will run as per usual: Monday – Friday 2-6pm.   €5 per hr/ €15 per afternoon.

Please contact Caroline directly to book spaces 087-176-2628

School Calendar:   Please find a calendar of the school year below. Please note that some of these dates may be subject to change.

School re-opens – Monday August 30th (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week)

Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 25th – Friday October 29th inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Wednesday December 22nd 12:30 – Re-open Thursday Jan 6th 2022

February Mid-Term – Closed Thursday 24th and Friday February 25th

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th

Easter Holidays – Finish April 8th – Re-open Monday April 25th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Monday May 2nd

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 3rd & Monday June 6th

Summer Holidays – Finish Friday June 24th 2022.

Community Games Winners

End of Year Newsletter

End of Year Newsletter June 2021

Sacramental Classes:   Well done to our 2nd Class who made their First Penance on Tuesday in a lovely ceremony organised by Ms Campbell. The boys and girls will make their First Holy Communion on Saturday the 4th of September at 1:00.

Our 6th Class have their Graduation Service this Saturday at 7:30 in Muff Church while their Confirmation takes place in Kingscourt on Sunday the 18th of July.

Green Flag: Many thanks to Ms McNally and the Green Schools Committee who had their Virtual Meeting with An Taisce this week to try to ensure we get our next Green Flag on school transport. The work done in and out of school was tremendous and we hope to hear some positive news shortly.

End of Year Reports: All reports will be posted this Friday and should be received by early next week. If you do not receive one, please contact the school by Wednesday evening.

School Tour:   Our school tour takes place tomorrow and we are hoping for some fine weather for the day. Children have all received information on what they should wear, bring etc. Tomorrow the classes from Junior Infants to 2nd Class will be leaving at 9:00 sharp. This is to allow the buses being used to return and pick up the other classes. There will be supervision on the yard from 8:40. The rest of the school will leave at 9:30.All the classes will be back by 2:00 and 3:00 respectively.

I would like to thank sincerely the Parents Association for the money given to the school that reduced the cost of the tour for everybody from €20.00 to €10.00. They have also donated €100 to each class for their class libraries. They have done an amazing job this year to keep things going and it was a small number who did so. Next year we will be having our AGM in September and I would really urge new parents to come aboard and help out for the coming year.

School Rental Books/Booklists: With your child’s end of year report, you will find a booklist for the coming year. You will see that a lot of books are covered by the rental scheme. I would ask that as we return books to the school next week, you do your utmost to ensure that all the books are returned. I would also ask you to keep an eye open for school library books that may be lying around.

Classes for Next Year:

Below is a list of the classes for next year. Due to numbers being slightly down, we will have one teacher less next year. Ms. McCarthy and Ms. McDonnell are moving on to take up new positions. I would like to sincerely them for the hugely positive impact they had on the school during this difficult year and we wish them all the best in the future.

Junior/Senior Infants – Ms. McNally

1st/2nd Class – Ms. Campbell

3rd Class – Ms. Swinburne

4th/5th Class – Ms. Marron (who is returning to us for the next school year)

5th/6th Class – Mr. Byrne

Competitions:   Well done to the following pupils who enjoyed great success in the recent Community Games Competitions – Erin Smith, Aidan & Philip Curtis, Fionn & Caitlín Canavan, Jack & Cora Taylor who all won County Medals.

Congratulations to Aoibheann Shiels who won this year’s Annual Spelling Bee Competition in a keenly fought contest.

School Premises:   We would like to remind parents that the school play area and pitches should not be accessed over the summer months or in the evenings for insurance and safety purposes. We do have CCTV in operation on the yard. We had to install this after a number of anti – social incidents in and around the school.

School Calendar:   We are closing for the summer break on Friday June 25th at 12:00. Below you will find a provisional calendar for the new school year. Please note that some dates may be subject to change.

School re-opens – Monday August 30th (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week)

Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 25th – Friday October 29th inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Wednesday December 22nd 12:30 – Re-open Thursday Jan 6th 2022

February Mid-Term – Closed Thursday 24th and Friday February 25th

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th

Easter Holidays – Finish April 8th – Re-open Monday April 25th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Monday May 2nd

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 3rd & Monday June 6th

Summer Holidays – Finish Friday June 24th 2022.


Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for all their efforts in what has been a challenging year both in school and in lockdown. I would like to thank all the parents for the fantastic support that you have given the school over the year. The Sponsored Walk was a huge success but all your efforts, particularly during the school closure, were very much appreciated. And I’d like to pay tribute to the children for once again showing how resilient and adaptable they can be in times of adversity.


I wish you all a very safe and happy summer.

Newsletter June 2021

Muff N.S. June Newsletter 2021

Sacramental Classes:   We have a date for the First Holy Communion following advice given from public health bodies. It will take place on Saturday September 4th in Kingscourt Church. The 2nd class will have their First Penance service on Tuesday June 15th at 6:30pm in Kingscourt Church.

We have been given no date as yet for the Confirmation ceremony but needless to say when we know we will let you know. The 6th class will have their Graduation Ceremony on Saturday June 19th in Muff Church at 7:30pm. Parents will receive more details about this closer to the time.

School Events:   A number of events this year have been curtailed due to Covid such as our school tours. However we will be going ahead with our Sponsored Walk. A note with details was sent home with the Sponsor Cards on Monday. Families can make online donations if they so wish via our Aladdin ePayments System. We would ask that the cards are all returned. Thanks again for your continued support.

We will also be running a Sports Day among the classes on the 17th of June. They will remain in their class bubbles during the day as they take part in the various activities. Unfortunately, due to advice from the Department of Education, parents will not invited this year.

The West Midland Theatre Group will be performing an online interactive play “Treasure Island” for all the classes this week. The students will all get to see it from their individual classrooms.

Green Flag and Hanley Energy:   This month we are working hard, under the guidance of Ms McNally, to achieve our next Green Flag which is in the area of School Transport. The fact that we have a school bus and so many now cycling is a great plus in this regard. On a recent morning we had 16 pupils who cycled to and from school. All the classes will be doing work in this regard with the school receiving a virtual visitor from An Taisce in the coming weeks.

Hanley Energy have also been involved in a Bio–Diversity Project in the school. Every pupil has received a little bag of wildflower seeds as well as a high–vis vest. We have planted some of these seeds in the school garden and we know from talking to pupils that many have been planted at home as well. Many thanks to Hanley Energy for providing all of the above.

Testing/End of Year Reports:   We are completing our standardised maths tests this week. These scores will be on the reports of the pupils in 2nd, 4th and 6th as required by the Department. An explanatory note will also accompany the report.

The end of year reports for all pupils will be posted out on Friday June 18th. If you haven’t received them by the following Wednesday, please contact the school.

The book lists for the school year 2021/22 will be alongside the reports.

Car Park:   It has been brought to our attention that there have been a number of minor incidents involving cars in the car park in recent months. The safety of all – pupils, parents and staff – is of the utmost concern to the Board of Management. It has actively been seeking funding to solve this problem for a number of years. The planned solution is a very costly one that requires Central Government Funding. The relevant authorities have all been made aware of the obvious dangers as we see it. A letter detailing some of the more recent concerns brought to me by a number of parents will be sent pointing out once again that extra car park capacity is an essential need as we see it. But we do recognise that this issue is not unique to our school. So in the meantime, it is incumbent upon all of us to follow the traffic management plan that is in place. Covid has also had a detrimental effect in so far as the staggered release times have led to more footfall and longer waits at the car park. This is unavoidable. What we do ask is that all those who drop off and collect pupils from the school continue to stick to the main points of our traffic plan:

  • Drive with extreme caution around the school
  • Walk all the children in your care to and from the school gate
  • Do not park in the areas that we have asked be kept clear.

Summer Camp:  Caroline from Afterschool will be running 1 week of camp this year. It will be a week of sports, games, arts & crafts finished off with a much anticipated sports day on the last day!

Dates: July 5-9th   9-1pm daily.

Ages: 5-13

Cost: €65 per child – €5 discount for additional family members

Please contact Caroline on 087 1762628 to book your place.


School Calendar: The school will close for the summer on Friday June 25th at 12:00. It will re-open for all children on Monday August 30th.  Below you will find a provisional calendar for next year. Please note that some of these dates may be subject to change.

School re-opens – Monday August 30th (Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 for the first week)

Halloween Break – Closed Monday October 25th – Friday October 29th inclusive

Christmas Holidays – Finish Wednesday December 22nd 12:30 – Re-open Thursday Jan 6th 2022

February Mid-Term – Closed Thursday 24th and Friday February 25th

St. Patrick’s Day – Closed Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th

Easter Holidays – Finish April 8th – Re-open Monday April 25th

May Bank Holiday – Closed Monday May 2nd

June Bank Holiday – Closed Friday June 3rd & Monday June 6th

Summer Holidays – Finish Friday June 24th 2022.

World Biodiversity Day May 22nd 2021

Hanley Energy invited all the children to become a “Biodiversity Buddy” to celebrate World Biodiversity day this week.  They supplied each child with a High Vis Vest, Certificate, stickers and Wildflower seeds.

Newsletter May 2021

Laragh 2 Muff Newsletter May 2021

Final Term/Covid:   As we head into the summer months of school, it looks very promising in terms of schools hopefully all remaining open until the holidays. The recent fine weather has certainly been a help in enabling us to use the outdoors as much as possible. Again the cooperation of the whole community has been fantastic in terms of adhering to the guidelines with regard to Covid. We would ask you to continue to send in the Return to School forms for pupils when they return to school after any absence.

We will be having our Sponsored Walk and Sports Day and we will give you more details about this later in the month. Unfortunately for Sports Day, parents will not be able to attend as per guidance from the Department.

In terms of Communion and Confirmation, we are still not in a position to give you any dates of when they may happen. Needless to say as soon as we have any dates confirmed, we will let you know. If they do go ahead before the summer, they will obviously have various procedures and regulations that will have to be followed.

6th class will hopefully have a Graduation Ceremony before the end of the year and I will be in touch with parents from 6th class about plans for the end of the year in the coming days.

Despite some of these restrictions and limitations, I think it is important to point out that the school day is carrying on pretty normally with class work and break times. The children have adapted to the routines and we are looking forward to the last number of weeks with hopefully some fine weather to accompany it.

Meeting for Parents of New Junior Infants:   There will be an important meeting for parents of new Junior Infants via Zoom on Monday the 17th of May at 2:15. Parents will receive information regarding this meeting via email beforehand.

Standardised Tests:   Schools have been asked by the Department to carry out the Standardised Tests before the end of the year. These tests can be informative for both parents and teachers alike but it should be remembered that in normal times they are just a snap shot in how your child is progressing and are a part of a variety of assessment tools that we use. For teachers, they usually reinforce what we have seen over the year.

The tests were not completed last year with school being closed. This year it is important to say that these tests are not standardised. Children have missed a large chunk of the school year. But they will give us a rough idea of how children are progressing.

The tests will be done in the last week of May and the first week of June. Parents in 2nd, 4th and 6th will receive their child’s scores as per Department guidance in the end of year reports. A note will be attached explaining in more detail the difficulties with these tests this year.

GAA Coaching/Padraig Faulkner Visit:   We recently had a fantastic morning in the school when Padraig Faulkner came to school with the Anglo Celt Cup and his All Star Trophy. He spoke with all the classes and showed us the trophies. We are also carrying on with Benny coaching on Wednesday and Aidan McCabe on Friday.

Parents Association:  Obviously the work of the P.A. has been greatly affected by the restrictions in place this year. It has still been functioning though and we hope to have further details of plans in the near future.

Green Flag: We have been carrying on with our pursuit of our next Green Flag which is to do with travelling to school. Cycling has been a part of this and it has been great to see the number of students completing it. We are also looking forward to the return of our trainers who carry out Cycling Safety Course in the school in September.

School Calendar: Please find below school dates for the remainder of the year.

June Bank Holiday: School closed Monday June 7th

Summer Holidays: School closing Friday June 25th

Visit from All-Star Padraig Faulkner with the Anglo Celt Cup.

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